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April 13, 2003

The Gateway Decorative Artists meeting was held on April 13, 2003 at the Carrollton Club. All Board members were present with the exception of Janie Parisi, Treasurer, who had a prior commitment. President, Allison Bacon, called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. Allison welcomed all returning members and guests and asked Jeanne Abraham give the invocation Allison stated her plan was to complete the business portion of today’s meeting in one hour. Allison called for a motion to accept the February minutes as published in the newsletter. The motion was made by Pat Rowles and seconded by Jeanne Abraham. The motion passed. She then asked for a show of hands to accept the Treasurer’s report as filed. All agreed.

Allison reported that it had already been a busy spring. We have already had one seminar. Retreat plans are in process and class projects are on display. We also have added a “show and tell” table where our members and teachers can display completed or planned class projects. The front tables are overflowing with donated Easter baskets for Shriner’s Hospital. The chapter gave Nancy Luckritz a check to replace art supplies that were lost in a recent fire at her home. A benevolence fund has been established by the friends and family of Marvin Bastean to help chapter member, Shelly, and her family during this time of special need. We are selling tickets today for the drawing at National for the Louise Jackson quilt. Three of our chapter members will be teaching at the national convention. Allison invited all chapter members attending convention this year to an informal gathering in the reception area prior to the banquet. This would be a good time for everyone to share information about their activities and classes during the week.

Allison issued a challenge to all members to look around the meeting room today or go through our membership directory looking for names and faces of members or former members that we haven’t seen for awhile. She would like for us to contact anyone we have not seen recently and invite them to come back. Let’s let them know that they are missed and we would like to see them again.

Allison announced the Board’s recommendation that Gateway Chapter donate $100 to the DAC this year and that we designate our contribution be used for acquisitions to the collection. Carolyn Dawson made the motion from the floor. It was seconded by Gloria Falk. The motion passed.

Joanne Goers announced that she was going to be moving and was planning to sell a good portion of her wood stash. She would be passing around a sign-up list for any members wanting to be notified when the sale would take place.

Ellen Rohne then took the floor for the Vice President’s report. She thanked everyone for their Easter basket donations. She said that Shriner’s Hospital would be given 30 of the baskets and that the rest she would deliver to other hospitals. She requested arts and crafts supplies for Shriner’s rehab center be brought to the June meeting. A list of suggested items would be put in the next newsletter as a reminder. Ellen asked that members please paint and return the memory boxes that were checked out so that they could be prepared for shipping. Approximately half of the boxes previously turned in had gone to DePaul Hospital locally with the other half being sent to Kansas City. We will also accept cash donations to help defray packaging and shipping costs.

The members who had brought painted suitcases today were thanked. Ellen, Gloria Falk, Barb Ogden, Annette Dozier, Jan Rosenberg and Debbie Christenson are planning suitcase workshops through the summer. Check the next newsletter for a list of workshop dates/teachers and projects. Members can either join a workshop of their choice or paint on their own. The suitcases, backpacks or duffle bags do not have to be new (just clean) and even unpainted items would be welcomed.

Ellen announced that the theme for this year’s retreat was A Touch of Class. Volunteers are still needed for various committees. She is planning a spectacular banquet and Linda Nelson will be in charge of entertainment. There will only be 3 and 4 hour classes this year (no 6 hour classes). Ellen is looking for MITI teachers/projects. She plans to add the element of surprise regarding MITI’s this year by not revealing ahead of time what the project will be or exactly when it will take place during the weekend. Class project submissions were on display and voting will take place following the business meeting. Members not planning to attend retreat were asked to please refrain from voting. The payment deadline for the color retreat booklet would be May 17.

Toni Dosser, Program Chair, was given the floor. Pictures of class projects for the Rosemary West seminar August 8-10 were available. Members signing up for this seminar were asked to vote for their choices in order of preference. All projects would be painted in acrylic. The Christmas party committee is up and running. There will be a meeting at Toni’s house on May 12 at 10 a.m. Toni thanked each of the past presidents who taught a project at last meeting’s paint-in with a potted plant. Toni thanked Annette Dozier for her hard work on WWSS. Today’s paint-in will be conducted by Annette Dozier who will be teaching the jaguar flower pot that was such a hit at WWSS.

Cindy Hicks gave the membership report. Current membership stands at 111. There were 59 members present today and no guests. Cindy also announced that Judy Hossenmiller, a former longtime member of the chapter that had held office and was an area teacher, had passed away.

Cindy asked that the chapter purchase a brick in her name. Parliamentarian, Carolyn Dawson, indicated that a motion needed to be made. Maureen Wasserman made the motion. It was seconded by Jeanne Abraham. All in favor, the motion passed. There was a drawing for attendance prizes and secret pal gifts were handed out.

Annette Dozier then took the floor to report on WWSS. Everyone involved agreed that it was a lot of hard work this year. Vada and Ellen expended considerable time and effort in designing, wallpapering and painting our “rooms”. Several husbands were heavily involved in building the “walls” as well as hauling and delivering materials to and from the convention hall. Overall attendance was down this year due to several snowstorms that week. The show sponsors gave us much more space than originally planned (or what was actually needed). Fewer MITI’s were painted this year, but the interest level of those attending seemed to be higher than last year. Around 58 people expressed an interest in new beginner classes for Missouri. A good number were interested in the chapter or finding out about other chapter activities. A list was given to Gloria for follow-up action. It was thought that we could invite them to a meeting and/or send them an announcement about Boutique. The Illinois chapter has acquired several new members and new students. Deb Christenson and Ellen Rohne have also gained several new students.

After expenses, each chapter retains $831.38 in their respective treasury. Vada announced that $130 would be forthcoming from the sale of her room display. The other display materials were donated to a church for use in their productions. While the Illinois chapter has decided not to participate in 2004 and show sponsors were told Gateway would also probably not participate next year, the Board has not yet reached a final decision. The current consensus is that there may be alternative venues for promoting the chapter and gaining new members.

Allison wrapped up the meeting by thanking Mary Jane for today’s refreshments. We will continue to have a “show and tell” table at each meeting. Members are encouraged to share recent personal or class endeavors. Teachers may also display upcoming class projects and provide class schedules and sign-up sheets. Allison would also like to meet with the new location committee for a few minutes following the business meeting.

With the business portion of the meeting concluding fifteen minutes earlier than planned, Mary Jo Kumer made the motion to adjourn at 1:50 p.m. Judy Sloan seconded.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Wessel
Recording Secretary