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September 14, 2003

The Gateway Decorative Artists meeting was held on September 14, 2003 at the Carrollton Club. All Board members were present with the exception of Treasurer, Janie Parisi, who was out of town. President, Allison Bacon, called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m. She announced a goal of conducting the business portion of today’s meeting in 45 minutes so that we may enjoy today’s luncheon; try a Learn to Paint make-it-take-it; or just visit and enjoy each other’s company. After welcoming all members and guests, Jeanne Abraham was asked to give the invocation.

Allison called for a motion to accept the June minutes as published in the newsletter. The motion was made by Jeanne Abraham and seconded by Maureen Wasserman. The motion passed. She then asked for a show of hands to accept the Treasurer’s report as filed. All agreed.

Allison thanked all those who attended the pre-banquet get together at National in Indianapolis. She spoke about the fieldtrip to Kimmswick and what a fun time everyone had. We are planning another fieldtrip in the spring to Alton for lunch and shopping. A date for this event will be announced at a later time. Allison then gave a salute and recognition to members for all their hard work. Mary McDevitt was filling in for Mary Jane Jett who could not be present. Annette Sullivan would introduce the 2003-2004 Learn to Paint program with a member/guest MITI. This would be Annette’s first time to teach a project. Mary Jo Kumer was filling in for Janie as Treasurer.

Allison then asked members who had participated in various activities to stand up and be recognized. This included everyone who had volunteered to decorate a table for today’s luncheon; painted a piece for the silent auction; painted a suitcase; taught at retreat; worked on a retreat committee; painted a memory box. She announced that our chapter had the second highest sales of those participating in the silent auction. National raised over $17,000 from the auction.

Ellen Rohne took the floor and announced that 63 suitcases had been painted and several more in progress would be forthcoming. Thirty-nine had already been delivered to her home prior to today’s meeting. She thanked Annette Dozier, Barb Ogden, Debbie Christenson, Jan Rosenburg and Gloria Falk for holding suitcase workshops through the summer. She thanked all those who had brought painted memory boxes. Several hospitals were in need of boxes and she would pack and mail these as soon as possible. She asked for donations of small teddy bears to be brought to the November meeting for Shriner’s Hospital. These should be small huggables with a value of not more than $6-8.

Ellen also announced that she would accept registrations for the Touch of Class retreat up till the last minute. Members attending retreat should plan to dress up for an elegant banquet on Saturday night. Mary McDevitt brought a sample goody bag today to give first time attendees an idea of what could be included. Pat Wolf brought some of our chapter photo albums for members and guests to review.

Toni Dosser then took the floor to report on the Rosemary West seminar. She reminded members about the Debbie Christenson workshop on October 11. Today was the last day for signups and please contact Debbie direct if you need to order a surface. Toni has booked Sherry Nelson for April 2004. Pictures of class projects were available for review and members were asked to vote for their preferences. Sherry could be available for 4 days if we can fill a Thursday class.

Toni Dosser is also acting secretary for the By-Law Committee. She would like to have a quick meeting with committee members at the conclusion of today’s activities. The by-law revisions will be a major topic of discussion at the November chapter meeting. Toni will host a Retreat Committee meeting at her home on Tuesday the 23rd at 9:30 a.m. to complete work on the decorations. Christmas party reservations need to be received by November 29. A form was included in the last newsletter.

Cindy Hicks reported that there were 64 members present and 8 guests. Cindy would like to receive payment for 2004 annual dues prior to the end of the year. She would like to update the calendar/directory information so it can be ready for printing and distribution as close to the beginning of 2004 as possible. Annual dues are $20. The secret pal program will be continued in 2004. Secret pal forms were available for handout today. Cindy then handed out secret pal gifts that had been brought to the meeting. Gerry Klein was thanked for today’s attendance prizes which were new books hot off the press. Attendance prizes were awarded to Jean Krebs, Vada Galvan, Mary Messmer, Pat Rowles, Jean Rogenhofer, Debbie Christenson, and Jean Hofmann.

Nominations Chair, Maureen Wasserman, set a goal to have at least 2 candidates for each office. She thanked Mary Jo Kumer for her help and hard work. She announced that everyone had been contacted either by phone or email. Nominations will also be taken from the floor at the November meeting. This year’s candidates for office are:

President Allison Bacon

Vice President Ellen Rohne

Membership Chair Cindy Hicks

Kay Vuichard

Treasurer Lori Reese

Recording Secretary Annette Sullivan

Michelle Kasban

Newsletter Editor Tracy Kocher

Allison announced that the bidding on the silent auction would begin following lunch. Suggested opening bids have been posted. Raises should be in whole dollar amounts. The proceeds from this auction will be placed in our general treasury. We will stagger the closing bids on these items. Mary Jo Kumer will be the cashier for this event.

Don’t forget the Holiday Boutique which will take place on November 14 and 15. Mary Jo has boutique information packets for all those who have registered to participate. The friends and family of Michelle Bastean plan to host a silent auction and are soliciting auction items which will benefit the Marvin Bastean benevolent fund.

Lincoln Trails chapter in O’Fallon, Illinois is holding a Christmas auction on October 26. Our own Mary Jo Kumer will serve as auctioneer. Louise Kern provided a large box of free wood pieces. Members could take all they want.

With no further business to discuss, Mary Jo Kumer made a motion to adjourn at 1:48 p.m. The motion was seconded by Bobbi Gray. Table sponsors immediately commenced serving luncheon to their table guests.

Respectfully submitted,
Donna Wessel
Recording Secretary