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February 8, 2004

The Gateway Decorative Artist meeting was held on Sunday, February 8, 2004 at the new location, The Days Inn at Lindbergh and Watson. The meeting was called to order by our President, Allison Bacon. Vada Galvan gave the invocation. Allison then introduced the new board members: Ellen Rohne / Vice-President, Toni Dosser / Program Chair, Cindy Hicks / Membership Chair, Virginia Hauser / Treasurer, and Tracy Kocher / Newsletter Editor. Annette Sullivan / Recording Secretary, could not be here today due to and out-of-town funeral. In her absence, Jean Rogenhofer, will be taking minutes today. Mary McDevitt will in charge of refreshments this year. However, in Mary’s absence today, Gloria Falk will be hosting refreshments. Jan Rosenburg did decorations for today’s meeting. Debbie Christenson, our last year’s recipient of the Gold Brush Award, will be in charge of the Gold Brush Award Committee this year. Carolyn Bacon is in charge of the Silent Auction pieces t be submitted for the National Convention. Judy Dawson will be in charge of the Christmas Party.

Carolyn Bacon informed us that 18 forms were submitted to her, so far, for the silent auction pieces. Ellen Rohne reported that 126 Memory Boxes were painted last year by our members and donated to various hospitals. We plan to continue this program again this year and are hoping to be able to donate even more.

Allison asked for a motion to approve the November and December minutes, as printed in the Newsletter. Michelle Kasban made the motion for approval and Jan Rosenburg seconded this. Motion passed.

Virginia Hauser advised that there were some changes in the Treasurer’s Report that was printed in the Newsletter. The bank interest should be $83.87 and the service charges should be $171.93. The Working Women’s Survival Show income should be $568.46 and the expenses should be $1314.40. The Holiday Boutique income should be $15,972.95. Allison asked for a show of hands to accept the Treasurer’s Report as amended. All were in agreement. Gloria mentioned that there was only a difference of 30 to 40 cents in her 2003 Holiday Boutique Report.

Allison advised that the Board recommended our chapter donate $100.00 for the DAC collection. Gloria Falk made a motion to do this and Vada Galvan seconded it. Motion carried.

Allison suggested that our chapter is in need of some new committees for membership, ways and means, ways to raise money for our treasury, new ideas, and an emergency call tree committee.

Allison informed the chapter members that Holiday Boutique would no longer be a chapter function. She said the board reviewed the letter that Gloria Falk had sent, as printed in the Newsletter, and agreed to eliminate this event. She said we were in violation of some guidelines when we were involved with the boutique. She asked if anyone had any questions or comments on this. Jan Rosenburg stated that she felt this should have been brought up at the meeting first and voted on, but that she did support the board’s decision. There was some discussion and questions on the matter. Gloria Falk will continue with the Holiday Boutique as we have done in the past, except as a non-chapter event.

Vice President, Ellen Rohne, gave her report. She received thank you letters from organizations we have supported. Some letters are posted. She mentioned how much the hospitals appreciated the Memory Boxes we donated. We have received donations to purchase more memory boxes and for shipping. She asked for members help in painting these boxes.

Ellen mentioned “Our Little Haven” as a charity that needs our help. They keep children who are abused until the family situation improves. They also take care of aids babies. There will be a box for cash donations to be used to purchase needed supplies. The St. Louis Crises Nursery will have a wish list. We will have about 100 Christmas Stockings for members to paint and fill with various toys or gifts for children. To defray the cost of the stockings, we will ask for a $1.00 donation for each stocking a person takes to paint. We have 8 samples for teachers that would like to volunteer to teach a class on these.

Retreat will be held again this year at the Holiday Inn, south county, on Butler Hill Road on October 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. The theme will be “Meet Me in St. Louis”. Teacher’s packets are available and anyone can teach at retreat. Submitted projects will be voted on at the April meeting. We have 12 slots to fill. There are sign up sheets for various committees. If you want a colored picture retreat booklet, there will be a $2.00 charge. There is no charge for black and white booklets. You can mail your check to Ellen by May 31st or you can pay at the April meeting if you want the colored picture booklet. Ellen suggested raising the class limit from 15 to 18 people. Teachers can also have extra pattern packets to sell. Early registration was suggested, as some classes fill fast. Retreat booklets will be available at the June meeting. There was a discussion on the class limitation and Jan Rosenburg made a motion to raise the limit from 15 to 18 per class for the 2004 retreat. Vada Galvan seconded this. Motion passed.

Toni Dosser, Program Chair, gave her report. Sherry Nelson will be teaching a 4-day Seminar on April 22,23,24, and 25. Everyone taking the seminar must pay for the photos and paint pallet before the class. Money is being collected today.

Bonnie Stout will be teaching a seminar at the end of July or the end of August. An exact date has not been set yet and we don’t want it to interfere with HOOT.

We are looking for a new location for our Christmas Party. If anyone has any suggestions, please let Toni know. We usually have between 65 and 80 people that attend. We need people to sign up for the committee.

Peggy Harris will be teaching a Seminar for our chapter in 2006. She has a 2-year waiting list. There will not be a Sharing Workshop on October 11th as mentioned in the Newsletter. This was an error. We will have paint-ins before our meetings for those who are interested. The location for the Sherry Nelson Seminar is still undecided. It could be at the Carrolton Center or here at the Days Inn. Or, if anyone knows of another place, please let Toni know. We need a place where we can leave the equipment in the room overnight, locked up. Ronnie Bringle will be teaching a seminar hosted by the Illinois Chapter on March 26, 27, and 28. The cost is $25.00 per day.

Carolyn Bacon told about the Silent Auction at the National convention. This is a good way for our chapter to earn some money. We received $800.00 from last year’s auction. About 18 people have volunteered to submit a project, several were received today. Projects can be brought to the April meeting for Carolyn to take, or if you are going to convention, you can take it yourself. Chapter is paying for each entry fee.

Carolyn informed the members that Karl Heinz resigned from office on the Board and has been replaced by Mary Ann Spainhour.

Jan Rosenburg has some hand towels that she is asking members to take chances on. Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. Drawing will be today after the meeting. The money earned will go towards the Christmas Party fund.

Membership Chair, Cindy Hicks, reported 62 members were present today and 4 quests. Goodie bags were presented to the guests. Secret Pal gifts were handed out and there was a drawing for attendance prizes.

Allison reminded everyone about painting the Memory Boxes and of the paint-in after the meeting today with Kay Waldron. This will be on a lotion ball and cost is $5.00.

Mary Jo Kumer made a motion to adjourn. Jeanne Abraham seconded this. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted
Jean Rogenhofer