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April 18, 2004

The Gateway Decorative Artist meeting was held on Sunday, April 18,2004 at the Days Inn. The meeting was called to order by our President, Allison Bacon at 1:04 PM. Allison welcomed members and guests. Jeanne Abrams gave the invocation.

Toni Dosser explained that the decorated boxes on each of the tables were for a silent auction with proceeds going to the Christmas party.

Allison thanked members for the item that had been submitted to Carolyn Bacon for the silent auction at convention. Also thanked members for their contributions to this month’s charity. Also thanked Mary McDevitt for this month’s refreshments.

Allison asked for a motion to approve the February minutes as printed in the newsletter. Judy Dodson said that there were two corrections: her name was incorrect and that she is the Nominating committee chair, not the Christmas committee chair. Donna Wessell made the motion to approve, and Barb Ogden seconded. Motion passed.

Virginia Hauser advised that there was an amendment to the Treasurer’s Report that was printed in the newsletter. $26,025.86 was the Total Funds amount not $26.030.47 as printed. Allison asked for a show of hands to accept the Treasurer’s Report. All were in agreement.

Alison asked for a show of hands of members going to convention. She stated that for the General meeting everyone was being asked to dress to show something about their chapter. Barb Ogden said that she has shirts from the 1993 convention if people wanted them. Vada suggested halos for “Saint” Louis.
Allison also invited members to meet one hour before the banquet to talk about their week.
If you need a roommate contact Janelle Johnson at SDP
Carolyn Bacon will have a table reserved for Gateway at the banquet.

Vice President, Ellen Rohne, gave her report. Christmas stockings are available today for $1.00 each and are due back at the November meeting. You need to paint them and fill them. No peanuts, since many children are allergic to them. Ellen will take care of candy canes. As of today there are 5 workshops set up for painting the stockings and there will be 3 more set up later. You may decorate them any way you would like. Bobbi said that they are easy to ink on. Ellen has several locations in mind for delivery: Our Little Haven, Catholic Charities, St. Louis Crisis Nursery, etc.
A big thank you to Barb Ogden, Maureen Wasserman, and Michelle Kasban for helping Ellen with sewing the stockings.

Last meeting to pay your $2.00 for color copy of Retreat booklet. You can mail the money to Ellen. Booklets will be available for pick up at the June meeting.
Voting for Retreat projects will take place today. There are about 20 projects. Don’t vote if you aren’t going. Thanks to all the teachers who submitted projects.

This month’s charity is the St. Louis Crisis Nursery. Ellen will use money collected today to buy items on their list. Thanks to all who brought items or donated money.

Memory boxes are available on the table today.

Allison said that she made the decision to meet in this room today. The temperature was better than other room.

Toni Dosser gave her report. People attending Sherry Nelson seminar must pay today for photos and paint. The room will be open 8:45 on Thursday. Toni gave directions to seminar.
If planning to attend Bonnie Stout seminar (7/30,7/31,8/1) you must vote on 3 projects today. The metal jack-o-lantern will be available. Mr. and Mrs. Claus can be done in one day. JoSanjo paints will be used.

Bobbi Grey’s lap desk (inking, washes, lettering) workshop is scheduled for Oct. 24.
Non-refundable deposits can be put down for Maureen Mc Naughton seminar (3/2005). Price will be kept at $35 if expenses will allow.

Respectfully submitted
Annette Sullivan