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June 13, 2004

The Gateway Decorative Artists meeting was held on June 13, 2004 at the Days Inn. All Board members were present with the exception of Annette Sullivan and Tracy Kocher. President, Allison Bacon called the meeting to order at 1:15 p.m. She opened the meeting by welcoming all members and guests to our garden party meeting. Today’s two summer paint-in projects will be led by Jan Rosenberg and Kathy Colter. Jeanne Abraham was then asked to give the invocation.

Allison called for a motion to accept the April minutes as published in the newsletter. The motion was made by Maureen Wasserman and seconded by Jeanne Abraham. She then asked for a show of hands to accept the Treasurer’s report as published in the newsletter. All agreed. The report will be filed as written.

Cindy Hicks was asked to introduce our four guests and goody bags were handed out to them.

Allison continued by announcing that Gateway Chapter had the most pieces (23) in the Convention Silent Auction than any other chapter in the country and that all pieces had sold. A final tally of the proceeds was not yet available, but will be announced at a later date. Allison thanked all members who donated items for this event. She also thanked everyone who had brought donations today for Turning Point, our charity focus for June. She thanked everyone for their participation to date on the Christmas stocking project with special thanks to all the teachers who will be conducting stocking workshops through the summer. Class samples and sign-up sheets were on display. Questions should be directed to the individual teachers regarding time and place for each.

Allison also asked for a round of applause for Refreshment Chair, Mary McDevitt and thanked Donna Wessel for filling in as secretary today for Annette.

Allison enthusiastically reported that this year’s national convention was great and that the banquet was fun and fabulous. Carolyn had reserved a table for the chapter in front and close to the action. Allison welcomed her mother back to the fold now that her term as President of SDP had reached its conclusion and gave her the opportunity to speak to the membership.

Carolyn recounted some stories and thoughts relating to the past year and convention. She thanked the membership for the hand painted quilt the chapter presented her the night of the banquet. She said it took her a few minutes to realize that the designs on the quilt were her very own pattern packets. The finished quilt and pillow shams were on display today at the meeting.

The wrapped bundles on the tables are silent auction baskets filled with donated items from a former member who has closed shop as a painter and taken up quilting. The proceeds will benefit the Christmas party committee. Also, Vada Galvin is selling tickets for a drawing for a watercolor book. These proceeds will benefit the retreat decorations committee.

Allison informed the membership that some problems have developed with the management of the Days Inn; one of which is the broken air conditioning which they have told us will not be repaired. The Board is proposing that we book another location for the remaining chapter meetings this year and form a committee to search out a new location for 2005. Allison asked for a motion from the floor to accomplish this task. The motion was made by Donna Wessel and seconded by Laura Heathcote. Allison indicated that we would first contact those locations that were under consideration last year as an alternative for the balance of meetings in 2004. She stressed to the membership in attendance that while suggested location sites throughout the area were requested, the most important need was for individual members to contribute by personally visiting the facility in question to determine its suitability. Allison had copies available of the guideline form that was previously used in last year’s search. Questions regarding the evaluation criteria Gateway is looking for in a new meeting location can be directed to Allison or any other Board member.

[While not specifically discussed at this meeting, Donna Wessel, as a former Board member, is suggesting that these facility reports be forwarded either to Allison or another Board member prior to the August 22 Board meeting so that any subsequent actions or decisions can be determined and/or added to the agenda for the September chapter meeting, if appropriate.]

Allison announced our second field trip which is scheduled for August 28. We will meet for lunch at Josephine’s in Godfrey at 11:00 a.m. followed by shopping in Alton. Please RSVP to Allison by August 1 if you plan to join the group.

Ellen Rohne gave the Vice President’s report. Retreat booklets were available. Ellen asked if members here today could deliver booklets to members not in attendance today. Those remaining would then be mailed. She will begin taking registrations (and numbering them), in single file order, immediately following today’s meeting. Please have your registration form completed along with a check covering the registration fee plus $10 for each time slot selected. She asked for members to include a second choice for each class chosen should your first choice be filled. Ellen will notify any members direct should she not be able to place you in your first choice of any class. If you are not contacted, it will mean that you got your first choice class in each time slot. Ellen is currently researching and planning a trade show for this year’s retreat; however, details have not yet been worked out. Information will follow at a later date.

There are still memory boxes available to be checked out for painting. She thanked the members for any boxes that were turned in today. She also gave thanks for the donations brought for Turning Point which will be taken home and delivered by Cheryll Wilburn. There are only three stockings left to be taken for painting. Ellen thanked everyone for their overwhelming support and generous donations. It has made her work with our chosen charities so rewarding.

Toni Dosser gave the programs report. The Bonnie Stout seminar is scheduled for July 30, 31 and August 1. There needs to be a minimum of ten people per day in order for it to take place. Friday’s snowman can be painted on any surface. The cost of Saturday’s tin can is $2 or use a surface of your choice. They are having trouble locating a supply of metal pumpkins (project moved to Sunday). We may have to use a paper mache piece in place of metal or the project may be done as a floor cloth. Since there is considerable prep for this project, Bonnie will stay late on Saturday evening to help explain the prep for Sunday’s piece. This is also the reason it was moved from Friday to Sunday.

The Bobbie Gray sharing workshop will be October 24 at 9 a.m. The location is pending and will be announced at a later date. The cost of the surface for the lap desk is $20. Please order from and make your check payable direct to Bobbie. The Maureen McNaughton seminar in 2005 is full and Toni has started a waiting list. It will be held at the Wingate Inn off Highway 70 and the Earth City Expressway. The cost of the meeting room was cut in half because we have booked Maureen to stay there and the Inn will provide the coffee for the seminar. Project photos will be coming at a later date. Maureen could come in for four days if we so desired and Toni would open sign-up preference for a Thursday project to those already scheduled any of the following three days. Jackie Kohler suggested that members on the waiting list be given the first opportunity for an added Thursday class. Toni felt that those who signed up early would have also included Thursday had it been available initially, which was the reason she chose this method of filling an extra class.

The announcement of the Wingate location prompted a suggestion by Mary Jo Kumer to possibly change the start/end time of the seminars in order for members to avoid rush hour traffic in this vicinity. Toni said she would ask Maureen for her thoughts on the matter, but felt that any decision regarding time should be left to the teacher.

Allison announced that the theme for the September new member meeting would be a western style down home barbeque. There will be a contest and prize given to the member who brings the most guests who join the chapter as members for 2005. Details will follow in the September newsletter.

There was a question from the floor regarding the publishing of the newsletter on the website. The Board has decided that in the future this will only include the reports from the President, Vice President and schedule of events.

Cindy Hicks reported that there were 57 members present today. Attendance prizes were won by Toni Dosser, Jean Hofmann, Michelle Kasban, Mary Jane Jett, Bobbie Gray and Nancy Luckritz. Secret Pal gifts were handed out.

Gold Brush nomination forms were available. The forms should be completed and forwarded to Debbie Christenson.

Judy Dodson is the Nomination Chair for 2004. Please be receptive when she contacts you about running for office for 2005. Because of the addition of absentee voting this year, the slate of candidates will have to be finalized by the September meeting.

With no further business to discuss, Mary Jo Kumer made a motion to adjourn at 2:08 p.m. The motion was seconded by Jeanne Abraham.

Respectfully submitted
Donna Wessel