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September 12, 2004


Allison announced that we would start with lunch so that the barbecue doesn't get cold. She asked Vada Galvin to give the invocation. Allison called the meeting to order at 1:50 P.M. Allison welcomed everyone. She hoped everyone had a great summer at Convention, H.O.O.T., or where ever your summer plans took you. Next meeting will be at St. Ann Community Center and maps will be available. Forms for 2005 location are due to Allison by Oct. 17. Allison asked for a show of hands to file the Treasurer's report as printed in the newsletter. Report filed. Treasurer Virginia Hauser addressed the notice in the newsletter about reimbursement for chapter expenses. The notice correction is to add that expense forms are available. Allison thanked Eleanor Denton and Nancy Wymer for being on the audit committee and Mary McDevitt for the great food. There will be fun activities after the meeting. We made over $500 from the auction at the convention. Vice President Ellen Rohne gave her report. Today's charity is collecting school supplies. Cash donations will be accepted. Make checks to Ellen. Please return memory boxes at the November meeting. Christmas stockings are due at the November meeting. Fill them with anything. Retreat: Jan Rosenberg would like people to get there early on Friday because after painting we will be decorating hats for the Victorian Hat Parade at lunch. Ellen reminded those that were going to bring their goodie bags. There will be a Trade Show on Saturday and Ellen has 5 tables so far. The Show will be open from 11-6 on Saturday. It will be closed to the public during lunch (12-1). Vada Galvin inquired if Ellen needs more vendors. So far 2 vendors are definite. A man is bringing a truckload of wood. A member will have a table with pattern packet, etc. Tell your friends about the Trade Show. They can come and shop. There are still seats available in all classes. After tomorrow (9/13) there will be a $10 late fee. As of today we have 47 registered. If you haven't made your hotel reservations yet, please do. We need to fill the block of rooms. Toni Dosser, Program Chair made her report. Today's program will include lunch and then after the meeting members will be available to answer any questions you might have about: Teaching ((Vada and Bobbie), National (Carolyn), and Cindy (Gateway Chapter). Allison and Annette will be running some games and Jan has a snowman basket to paint. Remember to pick up your pattern and surface for Bobbie Gray's seminar on Oct. 24th. Maureen McNaughton seminar is full. It will be $35 per day. Need to know what day you are taking so I can open up spaces. Mary Gibilisco will be here to paint in oils for 3 days in July 2005. Peggy Harris will be here in 2006. Location information: The Hotel has been cancelled and we got our money back. Bridgeton has fallen through. Carrolton Community Center - the air conditioning went out and they aren't going to get it fixed, so they aren't taking any new bookings. Maryland Heights CC is available. St. Ann is only available 3 times next year. Cindy Hicks, Program Chair made her report. There are 51 members present and no guests. 2005 membership forms and secret pal forms are available. Secret Pal gifts passed out. Allison asked if anyone wanted to share what she received. Allison - Judy Dodson would like to speak about the 2005 Slate of Officers Nominating committee members were Judy Dodson, Mary Jo Kumer, and Lorie Reece Judy - we called 95 members and left messages for those we couldn't reach personally. Thanks to those who called back. 2005 Slate of Officers President: Donna Wessels 1st Vice President: Treasurer: Jean Lindsey Membership: Michelle Kasban Kay Vulchard Recording Secretary: Virginia (Ginny) Ogden Annette Sullivan Program Chair: Marilyn Harnett Newspaper Editor: Tracy Kocher Josee Laferriere Deadline for candidates is Oct. 9th. Absentee ballots must be requested in writing to Judy Dodson by Oct. 23rd. Include self-addressed stamped envelope. Must be postmarked by Nov.6th. Allison called for a motion to accept the June minutes as published in the newsletter. The motion was made by Michelle Kasban and seconded. All agreed. The minutes were accepted as published. Allison told members that if you have Gold Brush Award forms give them to Maureen Wasserman. Maureen has blank forms available. Carolyn spoke about National rather than after the meeting. National is having a prize giveaway for registering before Dec.1st. Information will be in the next SDP. There is a change in convention registration. You can sign up for classes when you get your booklet. You don't have to wait. Registrations will be held until the beginning of January and put into a stack as they arrive. Mary Jo wanted to know if there was going to be an auction. Allison will find out and pass on the information. Donna Wessels wanted to know if changes to auction are a done deal. Allison said to send emails to Meghan Capwano with your opinions about auction. Carolyn went on to explain a change at National. They lost the Executive Director in July. National wants to take the organization in another direction. There is a task force of 6 or 7 members going through resumes to come up with qualified candidates. Hopefully this list will be presented by November. Michelle Kasban, Chapter Historian, gave her report. I need help putting a scrapbook together to present at Christmas party. I need pictures. Toni Dosser gave a report about the Christmas party. The Christmas party will be Dec.5th at Four Seasons Country Club in Chesterfield. Candicci's will be the caterer. Committee members please see Toni after the meeting. The question of whether M. McNaughton will be bringing brushes? Toni said no because they are too expensive. Tracy Kocher and Annette Dozier will have them available. Allison asked if any members had painted for the White House? Thanks to Cindy, Bobbie, and Carolyn for donating prizes for today. Bobbie asked if anyone has her 1st book. It is out of print and she would like to have a copy. She will be happy to buy it from you. Allison asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mary Jo Kumer made the motion and Gini Ogden seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 2:38 PM.

Respectfully submitted
Annette Sullivan