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November 14, 2004


The Gateway Decorative Artist meeting was held on Sunday, November 14,2004 at the St-Ann community Center. The meeting was called to order by our President, Allison Bacon at 1:14 PM. Allison welcomed members and guests. Instead of an invocation Allison asked everyone to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance since we were having a patriotic theme for this meeting. Alison asked for a motion to accept the minutes as printed in the newsletter. The motion was made by Jeanne Abraham and seconded by Mary Jane Jett. Allison asked for a show of hands to accept the Treasurer's report as printed in the newsletter. Maureen Wasserman said that the report wasn't complete. The income page had been printed twice and the expense page had not been printed. Tracy was bringing copies of the expense page to the meeting. Allison said that we would wait till Tracy arrived and people had a chance to look at the expense page before we voted to accept it. Allison offered salutes and thanks to the following members. Congratulations to Carolyn and Gloria for having their ornaments selected for the White House Christmas tree. They will be going to Washington in December. Congratulations to Vada for winning 1st place in the Delta Design Challenge. She painted 2 beautiful parrots. Thank yous were given to those who chaired a committee and also to those who had served on a committee. First order of Business is Election of Officers. Judy Dodson came forward to present the slate of officers. Judy asked if everyone had received a ballot. She said that ballots would continue to be passed out to people as they arrived until the voting started. Open Slate of Officers: President - Donna Wessels Any nominations from the floor? Nominations closed 1st Vice President - No candidate Any nominations from the floor? Toni Dosser nominated Jan Rosenburg Program Chair - Marilyn Hartnett Any nominations from the floor? Nominations close Membership Chair - Michelle Kasban, Kay Vuichard Any nominations from the floor? Nominations closed Recording Secretary - Virginia Ogden Any nominations from the floor? Nominations closed Treasurer - Jean Lindsey Any nominations from the floor? Nominations closed Newsletter Editor - Tracy Kocher, Josee Laferriere Any nominations from the floor? Nominations closed Judy reminded people to be sure to mark the box next to the candidate they were voting for, even if there was only one person nominated. Ballots were collected. Allison thanked the nominating committee members: Judy Dodson, Mary Jo Kumer, and Lori Reece. Allison thanked the Tellers: Judy Dodson, Mary McEntire, Debbie Christenson, Dixie Reeb Tellers were asked to meet Judy in the hall. 1st Vice-President Ellen Rohne gave her report. The Retreat report was in the newsletter. Any questions? Retreat was a great time. Everybody did a fabulous job. Thank you to everyone who brought in a Christmas stocking Christmas stockings can be brought to the Christmas party. They will be delivered the following week. I've had a great 2 years serving on the Board. Allison told members to be sure to check out the Retreat projects that are on the Show and Tell table. Program Chair Toni Dosser gave her report. There will be a Make It and Take It Christmas ornament after the meeting. Cost is $3. There will also be a quick stylus project. Those attending the Maureen McNaughton seminar need to revote on projects today. Money for seminar must be paid in full by February. The seminar will be held at the Wingate Inn, 70 and Earth City Expressway. Bobbi Gray's class in October will be rescheduled for January and will be at Annette Dozier's studio. Registration for Mary Gibilisco's July 2005 seminar is opened as of today. Toni explained that the Chapter has been in violation of IRS regulations for Non-for-Profit Organizations. We cannot leave money in our CD/Savings Account and not use it. The Board decided that we would use the money to partially fund two seminars, M. Gibilisco in 2005 and P. Harris in 2006. A discussion of concerns followed. Allison told the Chapter that a Major Board Decision had been made concerning this issue. Major Board Decision The Board is allocating money from the CD/Savings accounts to subsidize educational efforts such as seminars, workshops, or any other educational activity designated as such by the Board to benefit the chapter members. The amount shall be 25% of the total cost of the event, not to exceed $500. This decision is to keep in compliance with the IRS regulations governing Non-for-Profit Organizations. The 2004 Board has designated the following events for this money: Mary Gibilisco's Oil Seminar - July 29/30/31, 2005 Peggy Harris' Acrylic Seminar - March 17/18/19, 2006 This amount will defray the per day cost of registration for the membership Allison asked if there were any more questions. She stated that she hoped the members are pleased with the Board's decision because we want to spend the money on you. Toni said that registration for Mary Gibilisco's seminar is open as of today. The question was asked if registration would open up to members before non-members. The answer was yes. A suggestion was made that a year's schedule of seminars be published in the newsletter with the date when registration will begin. An explanation should be included that a new policy has started and that seminars will initially open to members and then to nonmembers. Ballot counting was completed and Judy announced the new slate of Officers for 2006. Donna Wessels - President Jan Rosenburg - 1st Vice President Marilyn Hartnett - Program Chair Kay Vuichard -Membership Chair Ginny Ogden - Recording Secretary Jean Lindsey - Treasurer Josee Laferriere - Newsletter Editor Judy reported that there were 3 absentee ballots. She suggested that a slate of officers should be in the September newsletter so people can vote by absentee ballot. Allison asked the members to give Judy a round of applause for a very difficult job, well done. Membership Chair Cindy Hicks gave her report. There are 50 members and no guests present. 2005 memberships are being accepted and forms are available if you need one. National forms are available, but you must mail in your own form. Attendance awards and Secret Pal gifts were given out. Allison directed members to the sheets describing the meeting locations available for 2005 that are on each table. She thanked everyone who searched locations. 4 locations are listed. Allison said that the sites would be explained and then a discussion would follow. The voting would follow with each member voting for her first choice. Then a 2nd vote would be taken for each members second choice, with a 3rd vote following for each members 3rd choice. The 4 choices are: Bridgeton Community Center - available after 2:00 PM - $175 Maryland Heights Community Center - $130 St. Ann Community Center - can only have 3 months - $110 St. Peters Community Arts Center - $150 Discussion followed. Gloria asked if money was a consideration and the answer was no. Annette brought up that if St. Ann was only available for 3 months then we would have to look elsewhere for 3 of the meetings and also seminars Toni said that St. Ann's policy was to not book any group for more that 3 times in a year. We would be able to hold seminars at St. Ann because meetings and seminars are two different functions. The positives to Maryland Heights were that it is a nice facility, one-level, great lighting, and carts available. Toni said that most locations are available for seminars, but you are unable to keep things overnight. Allison asked if there ware any other points of discussion for the 2005 location. Allison reminded members that they would only vote for their first choice, then their second, then third. 1st choice results: Maryland Heights 37, Bridgeton 8, and St. Ann 1 2nd choice results: Bridgeton 30, St. Ann 8, and St. Peters 8 3rd Choice results: St. Ann 28, St. Peters 15 Vada announced that as part of her prize for Delta the chapter would receive a free 4day seminar. A Delta rep will come and conduct the seminar. Jan is selling chances on an apron to benefit the Christmas part. It can be personalized. Toni announced that the Christmas party would be December 5 at Four Seasons Country Club at 12:00. She asked for the committee to stand and be recognized for all of the hard work they have done. The group "Me Too" will provide entertainment. Mary will have extra pies for sale at $5.64 a piece at the end of the meeting. Centerpieces go to the person at the table who has someone serving in the Armed Forces. Otherwise anyone at the table is welcome to take it. Show of hands motion to accept Treasurer's report as presented today. Report accepted. Annette asked the members to give a round of applause to the Board for a good year. Allison asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mary Jo Kumer made the motion and Jan Rosenburg seconded.

Respectfully submitted
Annette Sullivan