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Gateway Decorative Artists
Chapter Meeting Minutes
February 6, 2005

The Gateway Decorative Artist meeting was held on Sunday, February 6, 2005, at the Maryland Heights Community Center. The meeting was called to order by our newly elected President, Donna Wessel, at 1:15 p.m. Donna welcomed members and guests and thanked everyone for coming. Donna then introduced the new board members. All were present with the exception of Recording Secretary, Ginny Ogden. In her absence, Jean Rogenhofer was asked to take the minutes today. Vada Galvan gave the invocation.

Donna asked for a motion to accept the November minutes, as printed in the newsletter. Maureen Wasserman mentioned an error in the minutes. The last meeting was held at the St. Ann Community Center, not the Maryland Heights Community Center. With that change, Judy Sloan made a motion to accept the minutes and this was seconded by Mary Jane Jett. Motion passed.

Donna advised that our treasury enjoys a healthy balance with a substantial amount invested in two CD's. While we do not want to rapidly deplete our funds, as we still have expenses to meet such as meeting rooms, newsletters, etc., discretionary amounts can and should be spent from time to time to fund educational activities for the benefit of our members. She asked members to submit their ideas to the board for future consideration.

Gateway Louie is back! The bear was found in a bag that was passed on to Donna when she became President. When Donna asked about the bear, she found out that he had been hand made by a former member to be Gateway's mascot. He's been in hibernation long enough and will be at all of our meetings from now on and will be sporting some new clothes.

Donna mentioned that her goal for the year is to paint more and expand friendships, meet new people, and to have an extended painting family. She read a short story of encouragement entitled, "Lessons from the Geese".

Donna asked everyone to put their thinking caps on as to new ideas for chapter activities and to provide as much information as possible by backing up the ideas with action plans and cost projections for the board to consider.

Donna congratulated Gloria Falk and Carolyn Bacon for each having an ornament selected for the White House Christmas Tree. They were both invited, and did attend, a reception at the White House where they had their pictures taken with Laura Bush. The

Gold Brush recipient for 2004 was Laura Heathcote. Congratulations to Laura.

Thanks and recognition was given to the Christmas Party Committee; to those who had painted Christmas stockings and Memory Boxes; and to everyone who had donated school supplies.

A thank you was given to Josée for redesigning the Newsletter. When anyone learns about a member being sick, hospitalized, or a death in the family, please let Josée or a board member know so a notice can be put in the newsletter.

With regard to refreshments, there is a sign up sheet for volunteers to be in charge of the refreshments for the various meetings. That person will coordinate a committee to host the refreshments for that meeting. Barb Ogden volunteered to host the April meeting with the South County girls taking June.

A Historian is needed to maintain the chapter's albums and be in charge of taking pictures at our meetings and various chapter functions. Pat Wolf has done a great job with this, but is unable to continue. Anyone interested in fulfilling this function should contact a board member.

Members on the Audit Committee are Virginia Hauser, Nancy Wymer and Eleanor Denton. Carolyn Dawson will be Parliamentarian with Barb Ogden as back-up. Judy Dodson is the Nominating Chair and mentioned that some guidelines are needed for absentee ballots. Area Reps are: Maureen Wasserman for West County, Lida Gillham for Illinois, Julia Lamborn for North County and Joan Love for South County.

National is again going to have a silent auction, but has set a limit of 10 juried entries per chapter. Because of this change in the guidelines, the Board elected not to participate in the event this year.

National's Marketing Department has requested chapters to track the monetary value of charity donations and hours expended on community service projects during the coming year.

The Board made a recommendation for a chapter donation to the D.A.C. in the amount of $100 specifying that it be used for acquisitions. A motion was made by Gloria Falk with a 2nd by Laura Heathcote to do this. Motion passed.

Jan Rosenburg gave a report on programs and charities. Jan reminded everyone about Retreat. It's a weekend we spend in a hotel to eat, paint and party. Painting projects are taught. This year the retreat will again be held at the Holiday Inn at I-55 & Butler Hill Road on Sept. 30, Oct. 1 & 2. The theme will be "Gone with the Brush" and will be centered on southern hospitality, with dress and apron. There is a sign-up sheet for helpers. We will vote on retreat projects at the April meeting, and the selected projects will be displayed at the June meeting.

Mary McDevitt and Debbie Christenson have volunteered to help with charities. We will paint Memory Boxes again and will do something for our servicemen for Christmas. Debbie said there is a sign-up sheet for checking out memory boxes. For each box brought back, your name will be put in a drawing for a basket with lots of goodies in it. You can paint, stencil, or decoupage the boxes. Also please varnish them. Donations are needed for mailing the boxes and the name of the person making a donation will also go into the basket drawing. Gloria Falk mentioned that Office Max often has coupons for discount mailings.

Mary McDevitt mentioned that Turning Point, a women's shelter in Warren County, was in need of help. They need diapers, Children's Tylenol, sippy cups, laundry supplies, and anything infant related. You can bring donations to the next meeting. At Christmas, Mary will think up something we can do for the kids. If anyone wishes to make a donation by check, please make it out to "Turning Point", not Gateway. They are also in need of an electric stove. Vada Galvan said she has an electric stove that she will donate.

Josee advised that the deadline for the next newsletter will be March 22nd. You can call her or e-mail your submissions. Checks must accompany camera-ready ads. Josee feels we need a name for our newsletter; hence a contest is now going on. A nice prize will be given to the member who submits the winning entry. In case of duplicate submissions, the winner will be drawn at random. Newsletters of various chapters can be viewed on-line on the SDP website.

Marilyn Hartnett mentioned that Bobbie Gray's workshop finally happened on January 29th at Annette Dozier's studio. Maureen McNaughton is the next seminar coming up on March 3, 4, 5 and 6 at the Wingate Inn in Earth City. A memo with map will be given to all those registered. Palette paper and paint will be furnished. Brushes will be available for purchase.

Mary Ann Gibilisco's Oil Seminar will be on July 29, 30 and 31. Projects to be selected can be voted on today. Registrations will also be taken today.

Debbie Christenson has volunteered to have a memory box paint-in. Delta will also be having a seminar for our chapter as part of the prize won by Vada Galvan for her winning entry in the Delta Design Challenge. (Thanks, Vada!)

There will be a paint-in after the meeting today. This will be fabric painting and will be taught by Cheryll Wilburn. Cost will be $5.00. For those staying to paint, there will be a drawing for the design on chocolate donated by Gateway Chocolate Printing Company. It was mentioned that we could invite someone from the chocolate company to one of our meetings for a demonstration.

Kay Vuichard reported that we have 51 members present today and 4 guests. She said the directories were not ready in time for this meeting. The printer had not started on them yet, but they would be available for the April meeting.

It was mentioned that Pat Weisbrod had eye surgery recently. Gerry Klein had an article in the recent issue of "Painting" magazine. We have two new members that joined today, so we welcome Marsha and Kathy. We have 4 visitors: Sue Noltkamper, Elizabeth Morse, Pat Wolf and her daughter, Clara.

Secret Pal gifts were given out and door prizes were drawn. Gift bags were passed out to our visitors and new members.

A reminder was made that a person must belong to National in order to be a Chapter member. Dues should be submitted as soon as possible.

Jan Rosenburg was selling chances on hand-towels with the proceeds benefiting retreat. Marilyn Hartnett won the drawing.

Mary Jo made a motion to adjourn the meeting. This was seconded by Mary Jane Jett. Motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Jean Rogenhofer
Donna Wessel