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Gateway Decorative Artists
Chapter Meeting Minutes
June 12, 2005

The Gateway Decorative Artist meeting was held on Sunday, June 12, 2005 at the Maryland Heights Community Center. After allowing several late arriving members to sign in, Donna called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. She welcomed members, guests and new members for coming. All board members were present with the exception of Recording Secretary, Ginny Ogden. In Ginny's absence, Gloria Falk was asked to take notes. Jeanne Abraham was asked to give the invocation.

Donna asked for a motion to accept the April minutes as published in the newsletter. The motion was made by Jeanne Abraham and seconded by Vada Galvan. Donna then asked for a show of hands to accept the Treasurer's report as printed in the newsletter. All in favor, the motion passed.

Donna announced that we have received our 2004 Chapter Achievement Award. In addition, we have also received a letter of congratulations and a certificate in honor and recognition of our 30th year as an affiliated chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters.

Donna then informed the members that she had been contacted by Andy Jones, President of the DAC, inquiring if the chapter would be interested in donating the sum of $300 to $500 for the purchase of the Past President's Award to be presented by Carolyn Bacon to the DAC at the annual convention in May 2005. Andy explained that prior corporate donations for this award were no longer available and the DAC was contacting the past president's home chapter for possible funding. Board members were polled on the suggestion and agreed unanimously to honor Carolyn by donating said funds. Carolyn would then be allowed to request a painted piece from an artist of her choice to be added to the Decorative Arts Collection. A plaque crediting Gateway Decorative Artists for this donation would then be displayed with the item.

Carolyn Bacon then took the floor to tell us which artist and what was chosen as the 2005 Past President's Award to the DAC. The artist chosen was Dorothy Dent, our own home state Missouri resident of some renown, whose work was not heretofore represented in the DAC. In fact, she had never before been asked to contribute a piece for the collection. The oil canvas that Dorothy finally chose was one of her typical country landscapes depicting a red schoolhouse. Carolyn also noted that this was the first convention Dorothy had missed in 24 years. In the future, the current SDP President will purchase the award donation for the DAC.

Donna then called attention to our new masthead for the newsletter and congratulated Josee on the design. She also thanked Josee for her hard work in accomplishing the layout and mailing of the newsletter in a remarkably timely fashion considering that she was in the midst of moving into a new home during this same time span.

Donna reminded members that today was the last day to order and pay for the TCS Color Match Source Book. The special offer would expire at the end of the month and the books would be ordered in the next couple of days. It was hoped that they would be received in time to hand out at the Gibilisco seminar in July and certainly by the September meeting. Information and submission forms have been received from Delta concerning the Delta Challenge 2005. Members were encouraged to check it out and possibly submit an entry.

Jo Lynne Lair was recognized and congratulated on becoming a Dorothy Dent certified teacher. She, along with her husband, Jim, teaches a number of classes each month both in Missouri and Illinois.

Donna talked about a Louisiana teacher, Jan Zakrzewski, whose work she had seen on display while on a visit to Dorothy Dent's shop in Republic, Missouri. The sunlight reflected in the viewed canvas was spectacular. Jan will be conducting a 3-day seminar, September 19-23, at Dorothy's studio. Her website was made available for anyone desiring to check out her work.

Donna announced a chapter field trip for Saturday, September 10 to Old Town St. Charles. She was impressed by and wanted to introduce members to the Foundry Art Center at 520 North Main Center. The annual Quilt Festival will also be taking place on this day with visitors and displayers from all over the state. Members can then disburse to pursue touring, shopping, or eating at their leisure following our visit to the Art Center. The center opens at 10 a.m. on Saturdays and there is ample parking available.

Lida Gillham was thanked for the suitcase donation brought to the April meeting. Turning Point was contacted by Cheryll Wilburn and they were able to accept the suitcases. A big thank you was given to Cheryll for making the delivery. Members were reminded that this had been a one-time chapter project and was not a current on-going program.

Donna also acknowledged and thanked numerous members for their behind-the-scenes hauling and delivery of supplies, donations, refreshments, etc. that takes place before, during and after chapter events which included Mary McDevitt, Debbie Christenson, Jan Rosenburg, Marilyn Hartnett and the South County girls who provided today's refreshments.

Members were reminded to inform Kay Vuichard or Donna regarding ongoing address, phone, or email changes for directory accuracy. Any errors should be reported as soon as possible so corrections/updates can be made.

Donna informed members that the website for the Creative Painting Convention, February 19-24, in Las Vegas would be up and running on July 1. Convention books would be mailed to prior attendees by the end of June. That website is for anyone who may be interested in attending.

Members who had attended the national convention were asked if they had any interesting stories, tips, etc. to share. Jack Splatter, mascot of SDP's new Junior Artist Club, was introduced. More information on this program would be forthcoming on the SDP website as well as in the Decorative Painter. Jan Rosenburg told about her visit with Eleanor Denton and Mary Jane Jett to a 100 year-old Cuban restaurant and their trolley ride while in Tampa.

Mary McDevitt reported $136 in cleaning supplies was received today for Turning Point. She is requesting school supplies, backpacks, etc for our September donation. Debbie Christenson has a supply of boxes that can be checked out for the Memory Box program. She has also basecoated all of the boxes for those staying for the paint-in after the meeting which will also be donated to the Memory Box program.

Jan Rosenburg thanked Ellen for the excellent job she did on the color booklet for retreat. It turned out great. The selected retreat projects were on display and the retreat booklets were distributed. Jan asked if those here today could take booklets home for those who were unable to be here today to help save on postage costs. Members would be able to choose their classes and sign up for retreat following the business meeting today. Jan explained about retreat for those new members and guests that have never previously attended. Jan will also be taking signups today for anyone desiring to work on any retreat committees. She is in need of door prizes for retreat. Everyone will get a goody bag at the September meeting to fill for Retreat. Jan was also selling tickets today for a drawing for an apron and a tote bag with proceeds benefiting retreat. The apron was won by Jean Lindsey and the tote bag by Maureen Wasserman.

Jan also had the patterns for the vest that will be painted at retreat with our Gateway logo on it. She thanked Ellen Rohne for painting the displayed sample. She will try to have some extra vests available, but everyone should plan to bring their own to paint on. She also has a website from which to obtain one. Hobby Lobby currently has them on clearance. Keep in mind that if you choose a dark denim color the design will first have to be undercoated with white.

Marilyn Hartnett reported on programs. Final payment is due today for the Mary Gibilisco seminar in July. Registration for the Peggy Harris seminar will open at the September meeting. Peggy had suggested holding the seminar Saturday through Monday instead of the usual Friday through Sunday. Her reason for this suggestion was explained to the membership and a vote was taken as to their preference. Members unanimously voted for Saturday through Monday for this March 2006 seminar. A program survey form had been included in the current newsletter. Marilyn asked members to complete the survey and return them to her. She would like to know the types of programs the membership would like to do in the coming year.

The Delta Fun Day won for us by Vada Galvan has been set for August 21. It has been reported by other chapters who have already participated in this event that members will go home with lots of free products. There is a sign-up sheet at the seminar table. Delta can accommodate 50-60 people for this event. We have a supply of picture mats available left over from the April meeting. The cost is $2 if anyone would like to have another one. Marilyn also thanked Debbie for all the work and preparation she did getting ready for today's memory box paint-in. The fee for today's project is $3.

Kay Vuichard reported that there were 54 members present along with 1 guest that was given a welcome gift. Members were advised to report any address, phone or email corrections for printing in the next newsletter. A goody bag attendance prize was won today by Nancy Luckritz. Secret Pal gifts were also handed out.

Judy Dodson, Nominating Chair, reported that this year she is distributing an official election form for members to fill out and return regarding their intention to run for election. She is hoping that this form of contact will help to eliminate a good number of repeat phone calls to members soliciting their decision with regard to running for office. Judy's committee includes Mary Jo Kumer and Nancy Luckritz. Forms may be returned to any one of them. Judy also reported one change having to do with absentee balloting. This year she will have an emergency absentee ballot that can be obtained as late as Saturday, November 12 prior to the November 13 chapter meeting. More information will be available at the September meeting when a complete slate of officers will be announced. Donna encouraged the membership to consider running for office.

Barb Ogden brought several of the Chapter's older library albums. She said that there would be no charge for any patterns checked out today and they did not need to be returned until September.

Carolyn Bacon announced that Mike Saubert is no longer with the Society and that SDP is again looking for a new executive director.

Gloria Falk, Historian, is in need of photos of various chapter events that are needed to be added to our albums. We are especially in need of photos of activities and events regarding the 1993 convention held in St. Louis. A list of missing events not represented in our albums was published in the newsletter. Members were asked to search their personal archives for any photos that could be used for this purpose.

On a social note, Laura Heathcote is now home and getting better every day. Sucheta Bhide's new baby is due next week. Suzanne Koestner, former newsletter and web editor is pregnant with a due date of December 4. Lida Gillham is thrilled to have her first new granddaughter. We were pleased to have Pat Rowles who was accompanied by her granddaughter and Louise Kern here with us today.

The Christmas Party is tentatively scheduled for December 4. More details will follow at a later date. We will also have information available concerning the Gold Brush Award in September. Donna concluded by wishing everyone to have a great summer.

With no further business to conduct, Mary Jo Kumer made a motion to adjourn at 2:45 p.m. seconded by Judy Sloan.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Wessel