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Chapter meeting minutes
September 11, 2005

Meeting was called to order at 1:32pm. The Invocation was done by Jeanne Abraham.

Vada Galvan was first to accept the minutes as published, and Gloria Falk was second to accept. Everyone was in favor to accept the treasure's report. Kim from Turning point unfortunately could not be at the meeting, maybe in November she will be able to join us.

Vice-president-Jan Rosenburg; Toni Dosser's husband took 277 books to USO. They were very appreciative. For retreat: participation is nice/ 36 registered maybe more. Friday night at retreat we will be painting vests with Ellen Rhone, on Saturday night after banquet we will be painting little make-it take-its. Carolyn Bacon needs 24 painted items for prizes/medium size. Need donations for general prizes and raffles at retreat. Debbie Christenson will be collecting memory boxes all year long.

Elizabeth Perry a Sr. Girl Scout is trying to earn the Gold Award. She is doing a memory box project, has to be completed by March of 2006. Elizabeth needs supplies, bring to November meeting.

Marilyn Hartnett; Seminars, Peggy Harris's seminar is in march of 2006 prices are $30 per day for members only, and $40 for nonmembers. For Gloria's seminar in January to order the piece to be painted on the price is $15.75. The Christmas Party this year will be at Vivian's Vineyards in St. Charles. Parking is good, there is no special area. There will be an ornament paint-in at the November meeting. Janelle Johnson is coming in June of 2006, sign-ups will start at the November meeting. Lynn Deptula is coming in 2007.

Donna went over a little explanation of Gold Brush, and the guidelines of the award. Committee Chair for this year is Laura Heathcote. She also went over where to find the form to nominate someone, what the tree of life pendant means, and she also listed former recipients of the award.

Kay Vuichard; membership there were 40 members and 5 guests. We are conducting a directory contest, for the cover of 2006 directory.

Newsletter editor-Josee; October 21st is deadline for the newsletter. SDP membership form, in back of newsletter. If you pay dues for 2 years before Dec. 1 it is only $70. Prices will increase for 2007 membership.

Nomination report-Judy Dodson; there were 54 request forms, and 35 phone calls. Slate is for president-Donna Wessel., Vice-president-NA, Program Chairman-Marilyn Hartnett, Secretary-Kay Vuichard , Membership-Lorie Reece, Newsletter editor-Josee Laferriere, and for Treasurer-Jean Lindsey. Absentee ballots are due by November 11th. If can't mail need to be brought to Judy's home by November 12th.

President's Announcements; Field trip of 2, Jean Rogenhofer and Donna Wessel. to the Art Foundry. SDP-Katrina Contribution; Ginger Edwards of Alexandria, Louisiana is helping out. There were 116 SDP members effected. Baptist Belevelman fund, we are doing a chapter donation of $500. Joyce made the motion, Marilyn was first to accept it, and Gloria was second. Everyone accepted the motion. There is a published code of ethics on the SDP website. Marianne McLafferty-brick motion was passed.

There was a drawing for the center pieces. The teacher table was explained. Meeting was adjourned at 2:45, motioned by Mary Jo Kumer.

Ginny Ogden, Secretary