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Chapter Meeting Minutes
February 12, 2006

The meeting was called to order, at 1:25 by Donna Wessel, President. All board members were present. Attendance--- 43 members, 3 guests, Kim Broyles for turning point and Girl Scouts, Elizabeth Perry and Jenny Ellison, 2 new members, Judy Mayo and Jenny Ellison.

A change in the minutes of the November Chapter meeting was made ( It was Jean Lindsey's sister-in-law not sister). With this one correction a motion to accept the minutes of the November chapter meeting was made by Vada Galvan and seconded by Carolyn Dawson. Motion was passed by a show of hands.

Mary McDevitt was honored as last years Gold Brush Award winner.

Kim Broyles from Turning Point Shelter thanked the members for their past support and gave a brief overview of the services offered by the shelter. Elizabeth Perry and Jenny Ellison have finished their Girl Scout Gold Award Project ( Memory Boxes) and thanked the members for their donations of paint and supplies.

A motion to donate $100.00 to the DAC was put before the members by Cheryl Wilburn and seconded by Jean Ellison. The motion was passed by a show of hands. Donations to SDP general funds, Scholarship Fund and the Jewels program were brought before the members. No motion was made to donate.
Kudos, to Gloria Falk and friends, for all the hard work redoing the Chapter's Photo Albums. Jean Ellison volunteered to be the Refreshments coordinator for this year.

This is the year that revisions are made to the By-Laws. Any member can submit a possible change to any board member for discussion.

It was decided not to have a booth in the Chapter Marketplace at the National Convention in Nashville.

Gloria Falk gave a report on charities, memory boxes and retreat. Marilyn Hartnett gave a report on up coming programs, seminars and sharing workshops. Jose gave a report on the newsletter and the website. Lorie Reece gave a report on membership.

There will be a gift basket full of goodies for charity donations. Each time a member donates a memory box, or gives to the charity their name will be placed in the drawing. The winner will be drawn at the November meeting.
The Paint-in for February is finishing the Chapter Logo on your vest, shirt, etc started at last year's retreat. Next Meeting's Paint-in will be Ginger German's paper bag books.
A motion to adjourn was made by Mary Jo Kumer at 2:40 and was seconded by Jean Ellison.

Respectfully submitted by Kay Vuichard.