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Gateway Decorative Artists
Chapter Meeting Minutes
September 10, 2006

The Gateway Decorative Artist meeting was held on Sunday, September 10, 2006 at the Maryland Heights Community Center. The meeting was called to order by our President, Donna Wessel, at 1:20 p.m. All board members were present with the exception of Recording Secretary, Kay Vuichard, who was out of town. In her absence, Allison Bacon was asked to take the minutes of today's meeting. Vada Galvan gave the invocation.

Jo Lair made a motion to accept the minutes as printed in the Newsletter. Motion was seconded and carried. Donna asked for a show of hands to accept the Treasurer's report. This was accepted.

Donna thanked Cathy Somraty, Lida Gillham, and Judy West for refreshments today.

Donna explained that the Gold Brush Award Committee sign up sheet was available. Any general member can sign up to serve on the committee. One member will be chosen and will be contacted privately.

Gold Brush committee will be made up of prior year's recipient as the chair, one other Gold Brush Award recipient, and one other chapter member drawn from the sign up sheet. The President will be an ex-officio member to oversee and advise. The decision to make changes in committee formation stemmed from issues from prior committees (i.e. friends choosing friends to serve on the committee and general chapter members make the nominations so the general chapter members should be involved in the decision making. If a member of the Gold Brush Award Committee is nominated they can either step down making the President the third committee member or they can give up their nomination. The question was raised as to whether all committee will be following this format for creation.

Allison reported on the Chapters Gathering in Nashville. The three main topics of the Gathering included websites, conflict resolution, and membership ideas. Anyone who painted a record for the Gathering should see Allison to receive an SDP service key for their help.

Gloria Falk provided a Retreat update. People interested in attending need to make reservations for the hotel by Wednesday, Sept. 13th or the rates will change. They should use the 1-800 phone number. "Make It and Take Its" will start around 12:00 p.m. on Friday. Friday's supper will be from 4:45 p.m.-5:45 p.m. Classes will start at 6:00 p.m. Tell Gloria if you have dietary needs.

Gloria announced that raffle tickets are still available for the Tulip chair that Vada Galvan painted at $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.

Gloria reported that over 600 memory boxes have been mailed out. Boxes have to be at least 7" or larger and painted inside and out. There is a contest for chapters who paint the most memory boxes sponsored by Marie Gemmil, who is affiliated with SDP (she was the originator of the memory box program). First place will receive $300 in art supplies, and second place will receive $100 in art supplies. Individuals can also earn prizes. W e won the contest last quarter. E-mail Gloria for info.

Marilyn Hartnett gave a Program report. Marilyn brought in pencils ordered from Janelle Johnson.

Marilyn checked on other less expensive locations for the Christmas Party. Since the Christmas Party is a special occasion, she feels the $30 per ticket is a reasonable price.

Marilyn reported on upcoming seminars. Lynne Deptula seminar deposits are due now and final payment due by the November meeting. In November, sign up sheets for other seminars will be opened.

Linda Coulter's seminar may cost more. Teachers are raising prices and room fees will go up. So our fees will have to go up as well.

Josee Laferriere made a newsletter report. Josee's address on the directory cover is incorrect. Use the address given in the directory list or on the back cover of the newsletter if you have items to send to her.

Josee reported that we have a new price for the website. It will now be $59.95 per year. The website brought members to the last seminar.

The deadline for newsletter submissions will be October 22nd.

Lorie Reece provided a membership report. There were 42 members present at the meeting 1 guest. The refreshment committee table centerpieces were given away by random drawing. Lorie thanked those who brought in door prizes and asked for more donations.

Jim and Jo Lair are having a Dorothy Dent seminar over Labor Day weekend 2007 in Wood River. Contact them for more information.

Judy Dodson reported for the By-law committee. She thanked Barb Ogden and Carolyn Dawson for committee work and Gloria and Donna for input.

There was a correction in the change to Article VI. It should have included Recording Secretary as being up of election in even numbered years.

Carolyn Dawson stated that if there is no objection to a proposed change we could accept it without discussion. If there is an objection, then it will be seconded, then discussed, and then voted on.

Jim Lair moved to accept the By-law changes as printed in the newsletter and it was seconded. Objections were raised and the by law discussion continued.

Standing Rule 6: change approved

Article I: change approved

Article II: change approved

Article V: change approved

Article VI #3: 34 for change and 7 against--change approved and will begin with the 2007 election

Discussion topics: does the year it begins really matter; will it make it difficult to get people run for a 2 year term; 2nd year of an office can be easier; difficulty in finding people to run brought us to this point; almost all officers have run for second term; there is an "out" and can people drop out after one year if they don't want to do the second year; there is no term limit, members will keep people doing a good job or will vote out people who are not; second year officers will help new officers; Carolyn Bacon called the question to vote on the change.

Article VI #6: removed from bylaws

Article VI #5: change approved will be listed as Article VI #6

Discussion topics: it needs to have a new number, as there is a current number 5 it will be new number 6.

Article VII #1 g: change approved

Discussion topics: ex-officio does not have to be a non-voting unless specifically stated; should be listed as ex-officio voting or non-voting on all committees in all other bylaws changes; definition of ex-officio read from Robert's Rules of Order.

Article VII: #1h: 29 for and 5 opposed --change approved with revision.

Revision: The President may serve in an unofficial capacity on all committees with the exception of the Nominating Committee and the Gold Brush Award committee.

Discussion topics: it would be an imposition on the president to serve on all committees; SDP handbook includes the President as an informed member on the committee; people may not want to run for president if they have to be on all committees; committees won't need chairs if the president is involved; SDP presidents can attend any committee they'd like but didn't have to; change the wording to may and include unofficial member; on the SDP awards committee there's not a board member but a staff liaison who got the paperwork out; we should do it the way SDP does it; Gold Brush committee collects and discusses info that should be private; the President or other board member needs to be on the committee; the board is the voice of the club and should be involved in every aspect; the Gold Brush person is chosen by a committee not the board; we the members nominate but not choose; committees need accurate records.

Article VII #1j: change approved

Article VII #2c: change approved

Discussion topics: can things be purged after three years; records should be kept forever.

Article VII #2e: change approved with revision.

New wording: "Oversee charities, keep accurate records of all charities, monies received and donations for a period of not less than three (3) years."

Discussion topics: change the wording to charities since the charity committee will be eliminated.

Article VII #3d: change approved

Article VII #4e: change approved

Article VII #4f: change approved

Article VII #4g: change approved

Article VII #5b: change approved

Article VII #5c: change approved with revision.

Revision: "Compile and update annual membership directory. Print copies to be distributed at the first chapter meeting of the new year."

Article VII #5d: change approved with revision.

Revision: "Oversee publicity."

Article VII #5e: change approved with revision.

Revision: "Oversee hospitality."

Article VII #5f: change approved.

Article VII #5g: change approved.

Article VII #5h: change approved.

Article VII #5i: Provide to the area reps a membership list for their area.

Discussion topics: could membership secretary give reps a list; reps could do it themselves; since membership secretary has the info they could provide addresses easier.

Article VII #6a: change approved.

Article VII #6j: change approved.

Article VII #7c: change approved.

Article VII #7f: change approved.

Article VII #7g: change approved.

Article VII #8: change approved.

Article VII #8a: change approved.

Article VII #8b: change approved.

Article VIII #2e: will be Article VIII #2f: change approved.

Article IX #1: change approved

Discussion topics: Committee chairman should pick committee.

Article IX #1a: change approved with revision.

Revision: This committee shall consist of no less than three (3) or no more than five (5) members selected by the committee chair who shall prepare a slate for the election of officers. The chair will prepare a list of eligible voting members and prepare a voter sign in for the day of the election. Keep accurate records of office expenditures and receipts for not less than the prior three years.

Discussion topics: chair will prepare a list of eligible voting members on the day of voting should be added to the wording; chair needs to make sure all absentee ballots are eligible voting members too; people could pass out the absentee ballots or copy them for people; Judy put her initials on the ballot; even with a copy the initials would be on there; absentee can't be done on the web; committee membership is not stated it should include that the committee chair picks the committee; keeping expense reports should be added; ballots are held for a whole year in a sealed envelop.

Article IX #1b: change approved with revision.

Revision: Refreshment Committee - Participants on this committee will come from the general membership. This committee will be responsible for procuring refreshments and decorations for the meetings, under budgetary guidelines as established by the Board. Keep accurate records of office expenditures and receipts for not less than the prior three years.

Discussion topics: should the committee keep financial records or should that be a treasurer's duty; if the committee chair expensing their outgo then the records are kept by the treasurer.

Article IX #1d: change approved with revision.

Revision: Librarian - Shall be responsible for the preservation of all patterns, books and videos. These materials will be brought to the Chapter meetings enabling the members to rent any of the above from meeting to meeting. Purchase of new materials as well as discarding old, except for the patterns from the St. Louis National Convention, shall be at the discretion of the Librarian, with Board approval. Keep accurate records of office expenditures and receipts for not less than the prior three years.

Article IX #1e: change approved with revision.

Revision: Historian - The purpose of this position is to chronicle the history of events within the chapter as well as the Annual Conference of SDP. Be responsible for taking or obtaining photos of these events, when possible, and keeping our scrapbooks updated. Keep accurate records of office expenditures and receipts for not less than the prior three years.

Article XIII #1: change approved with revision.

Revision: An Absentee ballot listing the slate of nominees submitted by the Nominating Committee, with a space for eligible write-in candidates may be requested in writing from the Nominating Chair. The ballot shall be issued by the Nominating Chair or one of the committee members to a confirmed eligible voting member.

Discussion topics: the person requesting a ballot needs to be checked to see if they are eligible to vote.

Article XIII #2: change approved

Discussion topics: deadline date needs to be published; mail will not get the absentee ballot to the member if it's only in the November newsletter.

Article XIII #3: change approved

Article XIII #4: change approved

Article XIII #5: change approved

Motion on the floor to be resolved. Jim Lair moved to adopt the by law changes as printed and amended. The motion was seconded and passed.

Cheryll Wilburn, Nominating Committee Chair, gave a report for her committee.

She read Article VI #2 of our By-laws (All nominees for elected offices shall come from the general membership. All nominees must have been members for not less than 2 years immediately preceding the time of election. Nominees running for President should have previous Board experience.). She announced the following slate of officers.

Slate of Officers for 2007

Gloria Falk
Ellen Rohne
No nominations from the floor

Mary Jane Jett
No nominations from the floor

Program Chair
Mary McDevitt
No nominations from the floor

Membership Secretary
Lorie Reece
No nominations from the floor

Recording Secretary
Kay Vuichard
Allison Bacon
No nominations from the floor

Donna Wessel
Maureen Wasserman
No nominations from the floor

Newsletter Editor
Cindy Rupp
No nominations from the floor

Nominations will be collected until the November meeting. Contact Cheryll if you are interested in running for an office.

Mary Jo Kumer highlighted the Show and Tell items. She recognized Allison Bacon for receiving a blue ribbon in the Non-Professional Division in the Vegetable, Fruit, and Still Life Class.

Barb Ogden brought up Library business. There were books and pattern packets for sale for ten cents and these items will not be part of the library after today. There is a1985 Chicago convention tote bag that is autographed by artists that belonged to Marilyn Fricke. It is a permanent part of the library.

Mary Jo Kumer made a motion to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Allison Bacon