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Gateway Decorative Artists
Chapter Meeting Minutes
November 12, 2006

Board members present. Josee Laferriere, Gloria Falk, Donna Wessel, Marilyn Hartnett, Kay Vuichard and Lori Reece. Jean Lindsey was absent having undergone surgery the previous week.

Members present 52. Guests 6.

The meeting was called to order at 1:25pm. The invocation was given by Ginger German.

Donna Wessel called for a vote to accept the minutes of the September meeting as printed in the November/December Newsletter. Ellen Rohne made a motion that the minutes not be accepted because they were edited. Mary McDevitt seconded the motion and the motion was accepted. The acceptance of the September minutes was tabled until the unedited minutes can be printed in the next newsletter.

The treasurer's report was accepted by a show of hands.

Cheryll Wilburn read the slate of officers and asked for nomination from the floor. There was one nomination; Liz Geers for Membership. The members who had not received their ballots were given time to get them. The ballots were collected and the Nominating Chair and tellers (Mary Jo Kumer, Cindy Rupp and Karen Steiner) retired to a separate room to count the ballots.

Jean Ellison-Refreshment committee praised the members who provided the refreshments all year. This meeting the Galvanettes supplied the refreshments and Cindy Rupp printed a cookbook containing all the recipes. Jean asked for volunteers for next year and Liz Geers volunteered for February, Carol Rufkahr for April and Jeannie Abraham for June.

It was brought to the Board's attention that April 8, 2007 is Easter Sunday. The board will check into rescheduling the meeting.

Mary Jane Jett gave her report on the rules and procedures followed by the SDP's Awards Committee.

Gloria Falk drew the winners in the Painted Chairs Raffle. The chairs were painted by Barb Ogden and Ellen Rohne. The winners were Lovella Mauer (Barb's chair) and Lida Gillham (Ellen's Chair). The Memory Box/Turning Point goodie basket prizes winners were Liz Geers and Vada Galvan. Gloria thanked everyone for participating in both charity programs.

Marilyn Hartnett reported on the upcoming 2007 seminars and reminded everyone that if they hadn't sent in their money for the Christmas Party that next week was the deadline.

Judy Dodson will be teaching the Snowman MITI after the meeting.

Maura Gallen won the door prize.

Josee announced that the February Newsletter deadline is January 14.

Mary McDevitt made a motion to eliminate the Gold Brush Award. The motion was seconded by Mary Jane Jett. The vote was held by a show of hands and a count was taken for and against.

Since there were several people out of the room when the vote was taken ( Nominating Chair, tellers), those people were poled upon their return and the final vote was 24 to eliminate the gold brush award and 20 to continue the award. The giving of the Gold Brush Award for 2006 is eliminated as of this date.

Cheryll Wilburn gave the results of the election.

President - Gloria Falk
Vice President - Mary Jane Jett
Program Chairman - Mary McDevitt
Membership Sec. - Lori Reece
Recording Sec. - Kay Vuichard
Treasurer Donna - Wessel
Newsletter editor - Marilyn Hartnett

Mary Jo Kumer made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Jim Lair and the meeting was adjourned at 2:46pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by
Kay Vuichard