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FEBRUARY 4, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 1:12pm. by President Gloria Falk and the invocation was given by Norma Jackson.

Old business, Judy Dodson read additions to the by-laws that were not included in the September minutes, which are as follows.

Article VII #1h
Appoint all Standing and Special Committee Chairs, with Board approval. The President may serve in an unofficial capacity on all committees with the exception of the Nominating Committee and Gold Brush Award Committee.

Article IX #1a
Nominating Committee - This committee shall consist of no less than three (3) or more than five (5) members selected by the Committee Chair who shall prepare a slate for the election of officers. The Nominating Chair shall be responsible for printing and issuing ballots. Nominees must be members, and meet the qualifications as stated in ARTICLE VI 2 and have given prior consent to the Nominating Committee. The chair is responsible for checking with the Membership Secretary to verify that nominees are eligible members. The Chair will prepare a list of eligible voting members and prepare a sign-in list for voter sign-in the day of election. All ballots and tally sheets shall be given to the current President immediately following the voting to be held until after the new year's election. Keep accurate records of committee expenditures and receipts for not less than the prior three (3) years.

With the above additions the September minutes were approved by the membership. The November Meeting Minutes as printed in the February Newsletter were approved.

There were some questions from the floor concerning the entries in the Treasurer's Report in the Newsletter. The total receipts in the membership dues was not a multiple of the cost per members and the total membership and the receipts from the Christmas Party was not a multiple of the number of members attending. Donna Wessel will review the entries in these categories and the results will be printed in the next newsletter.

Gloria gave a brief overview of the DAC and our history of donations to them. Dottie Baumgartner made a motion that we donate $100.00 to the DAC and the membership agreed by a show of hands.

Judy Dodson explained about our charity "Turning Point" and how they receive no help from outside sources, we will be donating to them again this year, and we will continue to donate Memory Boxes to hospitals. Cheryll Wilburn will set up the table and sign-out/in sheet and Gloria will arrange shipping. The need for Memory Boxes is great so we need to continue to paint. Judy called for the "Retreat Surveys" to be completed and turned in so that members preferences can be known. Teaches who want to submit a project should do so before March 31, 2007 and have a completed display piece ready for display at the April meeting.

Marilyn Hartnett gave a brief rundown of the up coming seminars and reminded us again that the more members who attend the lower the individual cost. SDP has scholarships that Chapters and individuals may apply for. By a show of hands the members voted to have Marilyn draft an application letter for a Chapter scholarship.

Lorie Reece gave a membership report and the chapter has 63 members, 43 were present at the meeting and there were 5 guests. Door prizes Debbie Finklang won a shirt painted by Gloria Falk. Jeannie Abraham and Barb Ogden won the other prizes. The table decorations went to Norma Jackson, Lovella Mauer, Cindy Rupp, Judy Mayo, Carol Rufkar, Cheryll Wilburn, Vada Galvan and Jeannie Abraham.

The Chapter held a jewelry sale to reduce our inventory of pins, charms, and bracelets.

Jean Ellison thanked Liz Geers, Nancy Wymer, Barb Ogden, Lovella Mauer, Eleanor Denton and Ellen Rhone for the refreshment at the meeting. The board members volunteered to supply refreshments at the September meeting and the Galvanettes volunteered for the November meeting.

Gloria Falk thanked all who served on committees last year and handed out service pins. Jenny Ellison was recognized for receiving the Girl Scouts Gold Award and scholarship to Lindenwood University for her Memory Box Project.

Mary Jo Kumer made the motion to adjourn and the business meeting adjourned at 1:54. Karen Steiner taught us all how to prepare and paint on dried leaves.

Minutes Respectfully submitted by

Kay Vuichard