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Gateway Decorative Artists
Chapter Meeting Minutes
April 15, 2007

Board Members Present: Gloria Falk, Marilyn Hartnett, Judy Dodson, Donna Wessel, Kay Vuichard, Lorie Reece. Absent was Josée LaFerriere.

Meeting called to order at 1:15pm.
The invocation was given by Norma Jackson, who read a poem. The February Minutes were approved as were the revised 2006 year-end Treasurer's report and the March 9th Treasurer's report. Gloria reminded everyone to vote for SDP board members. Corkie Dunlap, who taught our first Genesis class, is running for board member-at-large. Gloria stated that she had DAC renewal forms at the head table for anyone interested. A former member (Sharon Regula) donated wood surfaces and books to the chapter. Gloria phoned Andy Jones of the DAC about some of the older books to see if he would want them for the collection. Gloria sent 32 lbs of books to the DAC. The donated wood surfaces were displayed on the tables against the wall. Items will be sold to the highest bidder in the Silent Auction. The bidding will close at 2:30pm. The donated books were offered for sale at $1.00 each. The proceeds from the auction and book sale will be split between the Memory Box Program and Retreat. Gloria handed out service awards to members who served the chapter in 2006.

Judy Dodson had the Retreat projects on display and the members who plan to attend voted for their favorite 10 projects. The results will be announced at the June meeting and the chosen items will again be on display. Orders were taken for color Retreat booklets. Those who did not order a color booklet will get a black and white version. Judy Dodson has booked the Holiday Inn at Butler Hill Rd for the retreat on October 12-14. There were two chairs on display painted by Mary Jo Kumer and Gloria Falk that will be raffled off at the September meeting. Mary Jo Kumer has arranged, at no cost, a room at Lindell Bank in St. Peters, Mo. the first Tuesday of every month from 9:00am to 4:00pm starting in May for Memory Box Paint-ins. Gloria will teach the first class with the subject being "Angel Bear". Bring your usual painting supplies. Paints from the Lynne Deptula seminar will be used for the paint-ins. Judy asked for volunteers to teach other memory box paint-ins and for the various committees to help at retreat.

Cheryll Wilburn reported on our charity activities reminding us that Turning Point is having their annual Dance and Silent Auction in Warrenton with Butch Wax and the Hollywoods and are accepting donations for the auction. Anyone interested in donating should contact Cheryll. Dixie Reeb suggested that instead of getting an assortment of items each month for Turning Point that we all get one item,( i.e., dishwashing liquid or laundry soap) and in one collection give them enough for the entire year. Ingrid Oertli also commented that this could be done at virtually no cost to us since the local grocery stores offer a $10.00 off coupon with $50.00 purchase at regular intervals.

Marilyn Hartnett reported that there was still space available for the Susan Scheewe Weekend, Janelle Johnson and Linda Coulter seminars. The choices for the Linda Coulter Seminar were on display and those planning to attend voted for their choice of project. The Lincoln Trails Chapter in Illinois is also having a Linda Coulter Seminar and anyone interested can contact that chapter. Marilyn has contacted several banquet halls and found that Andre's in South County had the best price and facilities for our Christmas Party and by a show of hands the members present approved the choice. The South County girls gave a round of applause. The Christmas party will be held December 2 and the cost will be approximately $22.00 each.

Gloria introduced Kay Baranowski, a former chapter member, as the maker of our mascot, "Gateway Louie". Jo Lair, who had surgery several weeks ago, is still not feeling very well. Lorie Reece gave the attendance report. There were 47 members present and 7 guests, two of whom became members today. Gloria painted two tee shirts for door prizes and the winners were Jean Ellison and Lida Gillham. The centerpiece bowls and candles were given to the person seated in front of the flower. The 2007 membership cards were available at the sign-in desk.

Our Librarian, Barb Ogden, and Josée have been reorganizing the Library. The pattern packets will be stored in binders with one binder dedicated to packets from the Convention held in St. Louis. These binders will be brought to each meeting. The library's collection of books and videos will be available by request. Barb will bring requested items to the next meeting. Barb brought books and pattern packets that were removed from the library inventory and were available to anyone who wanted them.

Jean Ellison thanked the refreshment committee for the refreshments. Jean also asked that one person at each table clear the table and fold the tablecloth. This will make clean up much faster.

Jean Ellison made a motion that the Gold Brush Award be reinstated for this year. Carol Rufkahr seconded and the motion passed by a show of hands.

Marilyn Hartnett and Lorie Reece will be Gateway's representatives at the Chapter's Gathering at the National Convention in Anaheim, CA.

Donna Wessel had Gateway jewelry for sale at the sign-in desk. Tracy Kocher had the new Delta colors available for purchase along with other painting supplies. Ellen Rohne taught "Grapes on a Green Wine Bottle" for the meeting paint-in.

A motion to adjourn was made by Mary Jo Kumer and seconded by Carol Rufkahr.
The meeting adjourned at 2:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kay Vuichard