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Chapter Meeting Minutes
June 10, 2007

All board members were present: Gloria Falk, Josée Laferriere, Judy Dodson, Lorie Reece, Donna Wessel, Marilyn Hartnett, and Kay Vuichard. The meeting was called to order at 1:10 p.m.

Donna Wessel gave the invocation and Gloria welcomed all members and guests. The April minutes and the Treasurer's report, which were printed in the newsletter, were approved. Gloria pointed out the request printed in the Newsletter for cards to be sent to soldiers and hoped that our members would give an all out effort to send a card or two.

Plaid Paint Company is having a contest. Plaid will send their new HD paints and a surface to anyone who wants to enter. Gloria will submit the names to Plaid and all instructions, etc. will be sent to Gloria who will distribute them to those who have signed up. Gloria asked if anyone was interested in the Chapter having a table at the "Chapters Marketplace" at next year's convention in Florida. This would require a committee to get things painted for sale and transporting the items to convention and someone to man the table at the sale. There was no interest in doing this. Gloria also talked about some of the highlights of the convention including the tribute to Priscilla Hauser. There were over 300 booths at the trade show, and the accommodations were wonderful. SDP has published a Cookbook. If anyone is interested, see Gloria and she will contact Janelle at SDP to see if any are still available.

Marilyn Hartnett and Lorie Reece went to the "Chapter's Gathering" as representatives of Gateway and they reported on their experiences. The theme of the meeting was "Successful Chapters Know How to Have Fun". Marilyn reported that on the average chapters around the country have three seminars a year; chapters get together and have combined Retreats; and there were many suggestions for getting involved in the community and advertising the chapter. There was a packet handed out to each attendee at the Gathering and Lorie will keep one with the Membership material and the other one was given to Gloria to become part of the President's material. Marilyn learned that chapters all over the country are dealing with the same issues and that there is a lot to learn from the failures and successes of other chapters. One of the ways to get the chapter noticed is to paint a mural. If there is a Mural Society in the area they may know of someone who wants a mural.

Judy Dodson reported that the projects for Retreat were on display as were the painted chairs and opportunities for ownership tickets are available. Judy gave an explanation of the Memory Box program for the many new members and to refresh the memory of current members. She invited everyone to come to the Memory Box paint-in on Tuesday to paint and enjoy each other's company. Last month there were 7 painters and a total of 34 boxes were painted. Judy also gave a brief overview of Turning Point explaining what their mission is and how we help them by donating items that they request. Gloria said that she had asked at her dentist's office about donating some of the toothbrushes and toothpaste that the dentist receives free from manufacturers and others might consider doing the same.

The Retreat Booklets are available. The last day to register is September 14. Also, the first 10 registrants will have their names drawn from a hat and one will receive a $25.00 gift. There will be 2 make-it-and-take-its at the Retreat. Judy called on Ellen Rhone who reported on the Trade Show at Retreat. It will only be for 4 hours on Saturday. If you know anyone, who would like to be a vendor, contact Ellen. Events for September will include the seasonal item auction and the drawing for the chairs. Please consider painting donated items for the auction and get them to Judy before the September meeting.

Marilyn reported that there was only one person who has not picked up their surface and instructions for the Janelle Johnson seminar and that there is still space available for the Linda Coulter seminar.

Lorie Reece reported that there were 40 members, including one new member, present and 4 guests. The door prizes were two t-shirts painted by Gloria and Ellen Rhone's new book. The t-shirts were won by Jean Rogenhofer and Ellen Rhone. The book went to Marion Flinn. Former member Mary Messmer had an operation and is at home now. Jo Lair is also home from the hospital following another surgery.

Joyce Miller showed her two color pencil projects, "Goldfinch", the new SDP on-line seminar, and "Night Visitors" from the May/June Decorative Painter Magazine. Ann Mohrman painted stepping stones to donate to "Relay for Life" and asked that anyone interested in doing this for next year should contact her.

Donna Wessel had Chapter jewelry for sale. Marilyn brought in her copy of the "Painted Treasures" book published by the DAC for all to see.

Jean Ellison thanked Jeanne Abraham, Debbie Christenson, Laura Heathcote, Maureen Wasserman and Maura Gallen for the refreshments and announced that the Board would be bringing refreshments in September.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 by a motion from Mary Jo Kumer and 2nd by Lorie Reece. Following the meeting Cindy Rupp taught "Summer De-Lite", a wine glass lampshade.

Respectfully submitted,

Kay Vuichard