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Gateway Decorative Artists
Chapter meeting Minutes
February 3, 2008

Gloria Falk called the meeting to order at 1:05 pm. All board members were present.

Vada Galvan gave the invocation.

Gloria asked for corrections to the November minutes as printed in the Newsletter. Mary Jo Kumer said her name was misspelled on page 5 of the Newsletter. It was spelled Kumar instead of Kumer.

Karen Steiner said the Newsletter listed her workshop as doing the basket weaving in the morning and the painting in the afternoon. This is incorrect. Painting will be in the morning and basket weaving in the afternoon. Barb Ogden said the Newsletter listed her doing a paint-in after the September meeting, in conjunction with Barrett House. This should be with the Checkered Cottage. Corrections have been noted. With no further corrections and none pertaining to the minutes, they are approved as printed.

Gloria asked if there were any corrections to the December minutes as printed in the Newsletter. Since there were no corrections, the minutes are approved as printed.

Gloria asked if there were any questions regarding the Treasurer's Report as printed in the Newsletter. Hearing no questions, the Treasurer's Report will be filed.

Volunteers are needed to serve on various committees, such as: Retreat, Gold Brush, Nominating, Audit, Charity and Memory Box. Gloria has a volunteer list and asked those willing to help to sign up after the meeting.

Gloria told about a DAC Newsletter that she received for being a "friend" member. It has pictures of the museum and the reception in Atlanta, Georgia. To become a "friend" member, the donation is $35/year. Information on this is in the Newsletter. If anyone is interested, they are welcome to look through the Newsletter after the meeting.

The board has recommended that we donate $100 to the DAC again this year. Vada Galvan moved to donate $100 and this was seconded by Lida Gillham. All were in favor. Motion carried.

SDP need painted items to sell at headquarters. 60% of proceeds go to the artisan and 40% to SDP. If interested, contact Miho. Email her at or contact her at SDP Headquarters. SDP also wants a permanent collection at headquarters to show our art form. Most, of the original collection was moved to the museum in Atlanta. Gloria asked that anyone planning to go to Convention this year in Tampa to get in touch with her after the meeting.

Chapter Service Awards were given to all those who helped in 2007 and did not receive them at the Christmas Party. Gloria thanked everyone who helped last year.

Jim Lair mentioned a letter received from Danforth Elementary School in Riverview Gardens. They need volunteers to paint a mural of their mascot, a dragon, at the school. Jim asked for volunteers for this project. There were none.

Mary Jo Kumer reported on Turning Point and the Memory Box program. The Memory Box Paint-ins will continue again this year. They will be held the first Tuesday of each month at the Lindell Bank in St. Peters. Everyone is invited to come and paint. Mary Jo thanked all those who brought in Memory Boxes and supplies for Turning Point. She mentioned the book to sign when items are brought in for Turning Point. Be sure to put the value of items you bring so Gateway can get credit from National. Ginger German usually takes the items to Turning Point, but Cheryl Wilburn will be taking them this month. Ingred Oertli asked how much of a cash donation to Turning Point actually went to the needs of the people, rather than administrative costs. Mary Jo said she didn't know, but would check. However, she suspected that very little went to administration, since it is such a small organization. Lida Gillham said she often gives donations to an Oasis group in Illinois. Mary Jo said to keep track of the amounts and mark that in the book, so Gateway gets credit.

Jim Lair gave a report on Retreat. This year it is going to be held at the YMCA Trout Lodge, in Potosi, on October 24, 25, and 26. The rooms are $89 per person, double occupancy, which includes all meals. Single rooms are $119.50. Because meals are included in the price of the room, the registration will be less than $50. All rooms have a balcony that overlooks the lake. Also the Lodge has lots of activities available for guests. Ellen Rohne has volunteered to coordinate the Trade Show again this year. Jim has Retreat Teacher forms available for anyone interested. He would like to have these completed and returned to him by April 1st. Anyone submitting a projects or projects should bring them to the April 13th meeting by noon, so pictures can be taken. Jim showed a video of Trout Lodge.

Lorie Reece gave a report on upcoming Workshops and Seminars. On April 25, 26, and 27, we have Cheri Rol scheduled for a seminar. The cost is $45 per day, with a different project each day. Projects are done on Masonite and Cheri will have surfaces available for purchase, or you may provide your own. July 25, 26, and 27, Mary Gibilisco will teach a seminar. Cost is $48 per Issue 2, 2008 Gatewa y Gazette 8 day.Saturday, March 29th, Karen Steiner will teach both painting and basket weaving at a workshop. The cost is $15 for the workshop and $48 for supplies. September 27th, we will have a Workshop with Ellen Rohne. The cost will be $15 for the seminar. All seminars will be held at the Wingate Inn, beginning at 9 am.

There is a directory spread sheet at the sign-in table. Please check to see if your information is correct. Let Jo or Lorie know if there are errors, so they can be corrected before the directories are printed. There are also sheets listing various upcoming events and conventions. Directories should be available by the next meeting. They were delayed due to the illness of Lorie and her friend who helps with the directories. Dues must be paid if you want to be listed in the directory.

Liz Geers advised that the next Newsletter deadline is March 23rd.

Jo Lair said that we have 42 members present and 3 new members. We also have 2 guests. Rita Almond and Betty Schmidt. Welcome! Names were drawn for the 12 beautiful table centerpieces. Lucky winners were: Cindy Rupp, Joanne Goers, Lida Gillham, Dottie Baumgartner, Ginger German, Lorie Reece, Jim Lair, Cheryll Wilburn, Judy West, Jean Love, Karen Steiner, and Sue Shockley. An attendance prize of a T-shirt, painted and donated by Donna Wessel, was won by Peggy Araki.

There are 2 boxes of books, donated by Pat Wolf's neighbor, that are on sale for 10 cents each.

Marilyn Harnett is our Historian this year and she has brought albums to look through.

Jo and Jim Lair brought pictures and information on upcoming classes and seminars they are offering. One is an oil painting class to be held here at the Maryland Heights Center next Saturday, February 9th. The other is a Dorothy Dent Seminar on Memorial Day week-end.

For Show and Tell Donna Wessel brought in an oil painting that she did in Jo's last class. Joyce Miller brought some cards that she made. Vada Galvan brought in a painting of a butterfly. Ginger German brought a painting and Gloria Falk brought two framed colored pencil paintings she did with Janelle Johnson.

Marilyn McDonald will be teaching the Memory Box paint-in this Tuesday at Lindell Bank. This will be Roses and a baby rattle. In March, Marilyn Hartnett will be teaching a floral. Everyone is invited to come and paint. Gateway has purchased 36 boxes for each month's paint-in. These boxes were purchased through Expo International, but they will no longer be carrying them. Last year we purchased them for about $1 each. They will be $1.29 this year. Shipping costs have also increased. We shipped 1,022 boxes in 2007.

We were advised that the latest issue of the Decorative Painter will be delayed.

Donna Wessel said the Chapter has jewelry, pins and charms, at reduced prices, plus a few other items. Gloria added that Chapter Service Pins are available for $10 each, In order to receive a free one, you must hold an office.

Gloria thanked Jean Ellison and the South County group for providing today's refreshments. They did a great job. Next month, the Board will be in charge of furnishing refreshments.

Gloria mentioned that we are still in need of a Parliamentarian. The person must be familiar with Robert's Rules of Order. Judy West volunteered to be considered for this position.

Karen Steiner will teach the paint-in after the meeting today. It is a winter scene on a scarf. Cost is $5. She has extra scarves available for anyone who did not order in advance and wants to paint, or if anyone would like an extra one.

Gloria asked if there was any further business or announcements. Hearing none, Mary Jo Kumer moved to adjourn the meeting and this was seconded by Carol Rufkahr.

The meeting adjourned at 2:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Rogenhofer, Recording Secretary.