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Chapter Meeting Minutes
September 14, 2008



Gloria Falk called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m. All board members were present with the exception of Liz Geers. Jo Lair gave the invocation. Gloria welcomed all members and guests.


Gloria asked if there were any corrections to the minutes as printed in the Newsletter. Hearing no corrections, the minutes were approved. Gloria asked if there were any questions regarding the treasurer’s report. Hearing no questions, the treasurer’s report will be filed.


Gloria mentioned that several people had asked about having a Chapter patch with our logo on it. She checked into this and found someone, locally, who charged $15 for a 4” patch, and $23 for a 6” patch, with an additional set up fee of $125. She then checked an out of town source and found we could get a 4” patch for $6.00 and a 6” patch for $10.00, and no set up fee. After a brief question and answer period, everyone seemed in favor of getting a patch made. Sue Struckhoff moved that Gloria check into this further and this was seconded by Lorie Reece. Motion passed.


Since the National Convention is will be held in Peoria in 2009, we might want to consider chartering a bus for our group. Gloria will check on the cost of this. Someone suggested checking with Mid America and also checking with Maisel Hey's, a former member of our Chapter who worked doing bus tours.


We have packages of brushes and books for sale today. These were donated to our chapter by Marilyn Fricke’s husband, Larry. Proceeds from the sale will go to our Memory Box Program. Prices of brush packages are marked on them and the soft cover books are $5.00 and the hard cover books are $10.00.


Jim Lair gave a report on Retreat, which is only six weeks away. Registration is open until next Sunday. Call Trout Lodge to make sure a room is still available. All class rooms are in the main lodge.


The Memory Box Program is going well. We will paint a floral painting in October at the bank. If anyone is not able to paint boxes, a cash donation for shipping boxes would be appreciated. River Bend Animal Shelter thanks us for all our donations. We are also collecting donations for the USO and Turning Point.


Lorie Reece announced that Ellen Rohne’s Workshop has been changed from September 27th, to Saturday, October 4th. It will be at Hobby Lobby in St. Peters.


After today’s meeting, Barb Ogden will be teaching the paint-in on a card. The cost is only $2.00. Susan Fulton, from Checkered Cottage, will be helping her.


On April 24-25 & 26, 2009, Debbie Slavin will be teaching a seminar. The first day will be calligraphy. Cost will be $45.00 per day and will be held at the Wingate Inn.


In July of 2009, we have Kathy George scheduled to teach a watercolor seminar. This will be $45.00 per day and also held at the Wingate Inn.


The Christmas Party will be on Sunday, December 7th at Andre’s. The cost is $22.00 per person, which includes a buffet and drinks from the bar.


Items brought in for Show and Tell were shown.


It was mentioned that Ellen Rohne has just had a new book published. It is called, “Nana’s Collectables”. Congratulations, Ellen!


Jo Lair reported that we have 68 paid members in our chapter. Today, we have 32 members present and 6 guests. Gifts were presented to the guests.


Names were drawn for the centerpieces. Winners were: Lorie Reece, Carol Rufkahr, Jean Wideman, Cindy Rupp, Sharon Hall, Lovella Mauer, and Dixie Reeb. Door prize winners were: Lorie Reece, Lee Zimmer, Josee Laferriere, Donna Wessel, and Jo Lair. Also, a special t-shirt, beautifully painted on the front by Gloria Falk, was presented to Donna Wessel and Jean Rogenhofer. A message was painted on the back on each shirt and story was told by Gloria.


The Nominating Committee candidates for next year’s offices are: president – Gloria Falk, Vice President – Jim Lair, Membership Secretary – Jo Lair, Treasurer – Donna Wessel, Program Chair – Lorie Reece, Secretary – possibly Jean Rogenhofer or Joyce Miller. Newsletter position is open as Liz Geers is resigning from this position due to health reasons. Josee Laferriere was nominated to fill this position, but she was not sure she wanted to take this office again. No other nominations were received.


Mary Jo Kumer, our last year’s recipient, is chairing the Gold Brush Award Committee. Forms are available for this year’s nominations.


October 19th is the next newsletter deadline.


Donna Wessel mentioned that we still have some chapter jewelry for sale.


Jean Ellison, our Refreshment Chair, was not able to be here today due to water in her basement. Refreshments were furnished by: Judy Dodson, Mary Jo Kumer, Josee Laferriere, Barb Ogden, and Judy Sloan. Thanks, Ladies!


The Secret Pal Pins were passed out to all those that participated in the “Secret Pin Pal” Exchange.


An auction will be held after the meeting. All those who want to participate should sign up and get a card with their number on it.


Cookbooks from the Illinois Chapter are available for sale today. The cost is $13.00, but will soon cost $15.00.


With no further business, Mary Jo Kumer made a motion to adjourn and this was seconded by Carol Rufkahr. The meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted, Jean Rogenhofer, Recording Secretary