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 Gateway Decorative Artists
Chapter Meeting Minutes
November 09, 2008



Gloria Falk called the meeting to order at 1 :10 p.m. All board members were present. Liz Geers gave the invocation.


The September minutes, as printed in the Newsletter, were approved. The Treasurer's Report will be filed, as there were no corrections.


Gloria gave an updated report on the Gateway Patches. A 3" patch will cost $3.50; a 4" patch will cost $7.50 and a 6" patch will cost $12.50. Orders will be taken today and must be paid for when ordering.


Gloria asked how many would be interested in chartering a bus to Peoria. If enough were interested, a one-day trip would probably cost about $25.00 per person. If wanting a two-day trip, the cost would probably be about $72.99 each, plus the cost of a hotel room. If registering for convention, the cost can be shared if going with someone who has never been to convention.


Today is election of the 2009 officers. Cheryl Wilburn, Nominating Committee Chair, presented the following members on the ballot:

Vice President ---------------

Jim Lair Membership Secretary -----Jo Lair

Treasurer ----------------------Donna Wessel

Recording Secretary --------Jean Rogenhofer

No other nominations for these offices were received from the floor. We do need a Newsletter Editor as Liz Geers is resigning due to health reasons. Ingrid Oertli volunteered to take the Newsletter Editor position.. There were no other volunteers or nominations. Since there was only one person running for each office, Liz McClintock made a motion to accept these members as officers and eliminate the ballot voting. This was seconded by Joyce Miller. Motion carried.


Mary Jo Kumer, our Gold Brush Chairman, reminded everyone to turn in their nomination for the Gold Brush Award Recipient. Those on her committee are: Dixie Reeb, Marilyn Harnett, Jo Lair and Ellen Rohne.


Jim Lair thanked Mary Jo and Gloria for their help with the Memory Box Program. He mentioned that recently there was a very nice article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Metro Section, about Gateway Decorative Artists and the Memory Box Program.


He mentioned that Retreat was over and thought everyone had a great time. The Haunted Hay Ride was a lot of fun. The class rooms were really nice. Jim thanked the teachers that taught classes and make-it Take-its. He also thanked Ellen Rohne for taking charge of the Trade Show. Bill Chiles said he was very pleased with the trade show.



We are planning on returning to the YMCA Trout Lodge for next retreat. The only times we could get the class rooms is the week-end of October~ and Nov. 1. The theme for next year will be "Back to the 50's and 60's". Forms will be available for teachers at the February meeting.


Mary Jo Kumer gave a report on the Memory Box Program. She reminded everyone that the inside of the boxes must also be varnished. She said she made phone calls to everyone that still had boxes out so they could get them done and bring them to this meeting. The response was good. The next Memory Box paint-in will be on Tuesday, December 2nd and Marilyn McDonald will be teaching a cute little elephant. Mary Jo will be teaching in January. Gloria in February, and Barb Ogden in March. We have received 7 letters and $400.00 in donations for the Memory Box Program as a result of the article in the Post Dispatch.


Today, we have two beautiful turkeys in the silent auction. These were donated by Joyce Miller and painted by Marilyn Harnett. The money will go to the Memory Box Program.


Lorie Reece reminded everyone to sign up for the Christmas Party. Cost is $22.00 which includes a buffet dinner and drinks. The party will be at Andre's.


Debbie Slavin will be teaching a Seminar on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, April 25, 26 and 27. The cost will be $45.00 per day. The first day, Saturday, she will be teaching calligraphy. This can be done on parchment or you can purchase the banner for $25.00.


Kathy George will be teaching a wax/watercolor seminar in August. You can sign up at the next meeting. Be sure to sign up early as we already have some calls for this seminar from out of town people.


Jo Lair reported that we have 68 members for 2008. Today, we have 40 members present and 5 guests. So far, we have 4 new members for 2009. Door prizes were won by Elizabeth McClintock and Jeanette Bishop. Centerpieces were won by: Jo Ann Goers, Mary Jo Kumer, Jean Ellison, Donna Wessel, Ingrid Oretli, Barb Ogden, Ginger German and Karen Steiner. Dues for 2009 are being accepted today. You must be a member of National to belong to the chapter.


Liz Geers said the next Newsletter deadline will be January 25th. The Newsletters can be reviewed on Gateway's website - Look under Categories, then click on Newsletter. The chapter saves a lot of money bye-mailing the Newsletters rather than sending them by mail. Liz made a motion to continue sending the Newsletters by e-mail. This was seconded by Barb Ogden. Motion carried Newsletters will still be mailed to those that do not have e-mail.


Donna Wessel said the auction for the Memory Box Program did well. Since the Treasurer’s Report was done, she has received $150 in donations for the Memory Box Program. She also received other donations from Gloria as a result of the article in the Post Dispatch.


Jean Ellison said she has had a wonderful year being the Refreshment Chair. She had no trouble getting volunteers for refreshments and thanked everyone. Jean also volunteered to be Refreshment Chair again next year. The South County Group will do refreshments in February. Mary Jo will do Easter, the Illinois group will do June, Vada and her group will do September and the board will do November.


Dixie Reeb made mention that she would like to run for President next year!


Vada will chair the Ways and Means Committee and they will come up with an idea for the chapter to sponsor a Banquet Table at the Peoria Conference. The theme is “Passport to Painting”. Vada suggested maybe getting a group together to volunteer answering phones for Channel 9’s fund raising drive. This would be a way of promoting our organization. We could all wear a painted hat or shirt. She will check on this and have more information at the February meeting.


Gloria thanked the ladies that provided refreshments today- Vada Galvan, Judy Mayo, Cindy Rupp, Jeanette Bishop, Sharon Hill and Jean Wideman.


Jo Lair reminded everyone to pay their dues by the end of the year so that their name, address, phone number and e-mail address can be in the 2009 Directory.


With no further business, Mary Jo Kumer made a motion to adjourn the meeting. This was seconded by Carol Rufkahr. Motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 2:20 pm.


Respectfully submitted

Jean Rogenhofer, Recording Secretary