Good Morning, We have received the eighteen (18) memory boxes you sent us on 01/17/13. On behalf of the Woodhull Medical Center, Bereavement Team, we would like to give thanks to the artistry and effort of the Gateway Decorative Artists of the Greater St. Louis Chapter for creating the beautiful memory boxes. Our grieving families and staff appreciate your support and that of the Evergreen Memory Box Artists for the memory boxes.


April 14, 2011

Hello, this message is for Ginger German who created the lovely memory box for my family.

I just wanted to express my gratitude for this memory box. Our little boy, Brian, died an hour after his birth last Tuesday, April 5. This box is a wonderful place to keep the items we have to remember him by - an outfit he wore, pictures, and other items. We had a small service for Brian yesterday at All Souls cemetery near our home in Pennsylvania. He will rest in the baby section. We know that he will be with us always as our guardian angel.

Thanks again, so much, for what you did for us.

God bless you and your organization.





April 08, 2011

My daughter Laken was born April 8th of last year. Tomorrow will be her 1st heavenly birthday. Before leaving the hospital last year I was given a beautiful memory box with the sweetest little lamb painted on it. I didn't have a lot to put in to it to remember my daughter at the time, but as the year went by I have collected things that reminded me of her. Tonight I took it from the shelf and was going through her things and came across the name Ann Mohrman, on the inside of the lid. I want to send a big thank you to your organization and to Ann. I know a lot of love went into making this memory box and it sure has meant the world to me. Thank you for what you do!



Please thank Donna Wessel and the other Gateway Decorative Artists who sent the beautiful memory boxes. Your memory boxes will add that special personal touch to our current beeavement program and are greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, Christina, RN, BSN In Arizona.

June 20, 2008


I just wanted to send you and email thanking you for the memory box I received for my daughter Sophie. It means a lot to have something handmade by someone who doesn't know me. Every time I look at that box I know that it was made by someone who didn't know me or my daughter just because they care about people. Thank you again,

Emily, Mi

July, 12, 2008

On behalf of the families who have and will experience a perinatal loss. I would like to extend a sincere thank you for the beautiful memory heart boxes. The work that you have done is beautiful and will providea lasting memory to our mourning families.

Diane, RN, BSN

Aug, 26, 2008.

Dear Ms Falk.

Form the botton of my heart, my husband and I thank you for the generosity of your organization. My husband and I lost our son. Our small consulation at the time sas a beautiful memory box we reciived from the hospital to put our son's things in as a keepsake. One that your organization painted.

I can't thank you enough for providing these boxes for those of us who are so consumed in greif, we wouldn't have thought of having something so sweet to keep.

Krista, Mi

Dec. 04, 2008.