Gateway Decorative Artists Christmas Party: 2005
Gateway Decorative Artists November Meeting: 2005
Gateway Decorative Artists November Meeting: 2005
Gateway Decorative Artists September Meeting: 2005
"Fun Day" with Delta August 2005
HOOT August 2005
Mary Gibilisco Seminar July 2005
Gateway Decorative Artists June Meeting: 2005
SDP National Convention 2005, Tampa
Gateway Decorative Artists April Meeting: 2005
Maureen McNaughton Seminar: 2005
Gateway Decorative Artists February Meeting: 2005
Bobbie Gray Sharing Workshop January 2005

GDA Christmas Party 2005

Kay Vuichard and Cheryll Wilburn getting organized for the ladies at the Christmas Party.

"Come in Ladies"

Jean and Jennifer Ellison, back to camera is Ingrid Ortelli and Linda Nelson

Jan R., Arlene Markland, Kathy Overbey and Pat Weisbrod enjoying conversation before the party starts.

Jeanne Abraham and her ladies always have a great time at the Christmas Party.

Ann Mohrman, Marilyn McDonald, Joyce Bennington, Lee Zimmer, Donna Wessel, Jean Lindsey and Dorothy Banocy enjoying each other's company.

Mary Messmer and Annette Dozier at a table for two.

Barb Ogden, Judy Dodson, Mary Jo Kumer, Josee Laferriere look like they are having a good time.

Marilyn Hartnett and her Mother.

Ginny Ogden and Judy Sloan

Joyce Bennington looks so pretty today.

Our new Vice President Gloria Falk

Our "First" Outstanding Member Award winner!

Donna awarding "The Outstanding Member Achievement Award" to Mary Jo Kumer.

Judy Sloan kindly provided a tree for the display of ornaments for the Christmas Ornament Exchange.

Our Santa Clause President Donna Wessel.


Gateway Decorative Artists
Chapter meeting
November 12, 2005
"Christmas Ornament Paint-in"

Donna Wessel, our President looking good after her surgery

Ladies talking before the meeting

The ladies visiting

The Lynchettes - Mary Jo in the background

- signing up for seminars

Our librarian - Barb Ogden hard at work

Jeanne Abraham teaching her ornament.

The projects that Jeanne Abraham taught.

Mary Jane teaching her ornament

Pat Rolwes

The ladies working on Mary Jane Ornaments

Barb and Ginny Odgen working hard.


Gone With The Brush
Gateway Decorative Artist's

23rd Annual Retreat  
September 30, October 1, 2, 2005

Friday class with Debbie Christenson

"Painting In the Wind"

Ellen Rohne Teaching The Gateway Logo.

Jan Rosenburg preparing her class.

Toni Dosser, Jan Rosenburg and, Ann Mohrman

Mary Jane Jett's umbrella was best of Show

Marilyn Hartnett Won the First Price with her umbrella.

Jeanette Bishop, and Justine Mottert.

Jean Rogenhofer, Lida Gillham, Cathy Somraty, Judy West
and Lori Reece.

Marilyn Mcdonald, Ann Morhman and, Karen Steiner

Carolyn Bacon, Allison Bacon, Maureen Wasserman and Karen Steiner.

Lida Gillham......

Jan Rosenburg and Mary McDevitt

What a nice Buffet!

Door prizes.

More lovely door prizes

Judy Dodson
Friday Classes
Saturday Classes
Morning 8:00-12:00

Saturday Classes
Afternoon 1:30-5:30

Sunday Classes
Morning 8:30-11:30


Gateway Decorative Artists
Chapter meeting

September 11, 2005
"Welcome to our World"

The ladies are visiting

Nancy Wymer, Elanor Denton - our Guest Sandy Wooten- and Ginny Ogden

Ann Mohrman, Marilyn McDonald, Karen Steiner..... Okay girls........what's with the bag of money????

Barb Ogden, Luvella Mauers, Ellen Rohne and Kay Vuichard

All of the school supplies collected and then some already in the car - donated for Turning Point

Bobbie giving a {{HUG}} to Pat Rolwes. In the background - Nancy Wymer and Eleanor Denton Foreground former member - Bridgett Patterson visits with Vada Galvan.

Tracy brough brushes to sell.

Visitors Jenny Ellison and Elizabeth Perry. They are working for the Girl Scout Gold Award.


Fun Day with Delta August 2005

Thank you to Chris Thornton who came to our chapter to demonstrate Delta products and Vada Galvan who won this wonderful free day with Delta.

We had 60 people sign up for this event.

This is one of the projects we created.

Chris Thornton teaching one of the many products we learned how to use this day.

Nice to see Joann Goers with us and having fun.

Kay Vuichard making her own design.

"Did you see all the nice products we received from Delta"

Our President Donna Wessel and Christ Thornton

Jo Lynn and Jim Lair seemed to be enjoying the day.

Jo Lynn Lair brought with her the picture of the famous portrait she painted and is now hanging up in the White House.

HOOT August 2005


Mary Gibilisco Seminar July 2005

Marilyn's son Steve setting up the equipment.

Marilyn Hartnett making some adjustments.

Mary Jo Kumer getting the "merchandise corner" set up.

Tables are all set.

Ready for the seminar

We had a full class

What is Maura Gallen pointing out to Kathy Overbey & Debbie Christenson ??

Mary Gibilisco & Cindy Hicks getting palettes made.

Caught ya!! marilyn having a Krispy Kreme.


Gateway Decorative Artists June Meeting: 2005
Theme: "Memory boxes"

Summer has arrived. While meeting attendance was down from last month, we had a great time again. Yummy refreshments were provided by the "Lynchettes" (otherwise know as the South County girls). Barb Ogden brought in several of our oldest Library pattern books for both old and new members to review. The Retreat booklets were handed out and the selected projects were on display as registration for this event began today. Final payment for the Gibilisco seminar in July was due today and registration opened for the Peggy Harris seminar in March 2006. Project pictures for this seminar will be available in September. Members came through again with about $130 worth of cleaning products for Turning Point. A carload of paperbacks was also donated for the USO at Lambert Field, which Toni will deliver when she is back in town. Our memory box paint-in was a cute little lamb designed by Ladybug and taught by Debbie Christenson. Members were wished a safe and happy summer until we meet again in September.

Sign of upcoming events......Marilyn Hartnett makes things so special for us.

Donna........our President setting up the microphone.

Wow! Did you try all of the cakes?

Thank you to the South County girls for the refreshments.

Lida Gillham and Jean Hoffman enjoy the desserts.

Judy Sloan,Gloria Falk, Louise Kern and Cheryll Wilburn waiting for the meeting.

Nice to see you again Louise Kern.

Hey Lorie! Wake up the meeting has not started yet.

Final signing-up for Gibilisco seminar.

Treasurer Jean Lindsey looking at our budget.

Jeanette Bishop and Karen Steiner received their Retreat booklet. Ellen Rhone did a good job on the Retreat booklet.

It's a tough decision to make. What projects will I choose to paint at the retreat.

This is the Friday night painting instead of Make-it-Take-its.

Our Vice president Jan Rosenburg Checking her notes for the meeting.

Carolyn Beacon, past President of SDP having a conversation with Mary Jane Jett.
We are proud of you Carolyn.

Maureen Wasserman won the Tote bag in the raffle.

Jean Lindsey won the apron in the raffle.

Debbie Christenson and Kathy Colter seem happy to see each other.

Debbie Christenson with her sample of the Lamb Memory Box she taught at the June meeting.

Girls painting the Memory Box project.

Everyone is concentrating on painting their memory boxes. This is for a good cause.

Debbie Christenson teaching the Lamb memory box. Debbie base-coated them all ahead of time, so they would be ready for our painting the lamb at the meeting. Thank you Debbie.

It was so good to see Pat Rolwes at the meeting again - and to meet her granddaughter also.

Barb Ogden brought some of the Library patterns. Mary Jo, Gloria, Josee and Donna were looking to find a good pattern to paint.

Memory boxes received at the June meeting.

SDP National Convention May 2005: Tampa

Gloria and Janie created purses for the 2005 Tampa, FL conference. "Getting ready for TAMPA"!!

Gloria Falk and Janie Parisi start shopping early at Fergie's Tole Shop in Tampa, FL.

Class Sales area for teacher's projects at the 2005 Tampa, Fl convention

One of the signs at convention in the Chapter display area.

Another Chapter's Sign for the Tampa, FL conference.

The Flag Ceremony at the Tampa, FL 2005 Conference.

"JAC" Splatter entering the Annual Meeting. "JAC" is the Junior Artists Club.


Buzz Smith receiving the "FIRST" official award of "The Goodwill Ambassador of Decorative Painting" from Sheila Rouse, President of SDP.

Mary Jane Jett and Allison Bacon with the certificates that they received for Committee work for the SDP 2005 Conference at Tampa, FL.

2005 Conference Attendees- Ruth Ann Holt & Celeste Higgins all decked out for convention.

Norma Jackson and friend at the Banquet.

One of the many PINK hats that were decorated for the 2005 Conference. The hats were a part of the "Room Block" rewards program and given to those who stayed in the sponsored hotels for conference.

Mary Jane Jett at a relaxed moment.

Sheila Rouse leading the parade of "PINK HATS" around the floor at the 2005 Banquet.

Parade of the "PINK HATS"! Room Block Rewards

Hypnotist entertainment after the 2005 Banquet.

Our own Kelly Stohl in a deep sleep. Kelly took part in the hypnotist entertainment.

A concerned group of people...... Did Kelly ever wake up??

Gloria Falk & Kay Baranowski sharing stories of their respective falls at the 2005 Tampa Conference.

Gateway Decorative Artists April Meeting: 2005
Theme: "Remembering"
Our April meeting theme was remembrance. Chapter members who have passed on were fondly remembered with a display of painted items shared from personal collections. We also renewed and awakened our memories of past events by reviewing our chapter photo albums. We viewed the project submissions and made our choices for our annual October retreat. Members, once again, generously filled our charity and memory box coffers. We finished the day by painting a lovely photo mat design for preserving our personal memories. What an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
click photo for larger view

Kay Vuichard and Sharon Battocletti welcoming Lorie Reece

Ellen Rohne busy taking pictures for the retreat booklet.

The sign made by Marilyn Hartnett with our upcoming events.

Mary Jo Kumer taking registration for the Gibilisco seminar.

At the tribute table, members were looking at the projects that were painted by those members who have passed on.

Kay Vuichard said... "it is comforting to know that some of your work lives on after you are gone."

Jean Rogenhofer looking in the scrapbooks

Members were very generous to bring items of need for the Turning Point Shelter.

Jeanne Abraham concentrates on giving us names of those people in the pictures-so journaling can be done. Thank you Jeanne !!

60 members were present at the meeting.

Jo Lynn and Jim Lair who brought some projects for their annual Memorial day seminar with Karen Luanne Murphy.

Our winner for the newsletter naming contest: Cindy Rupp
The winning name:
Gateway Gazette

Kathy Colter being sick. Gloria Falk offered to teach a paint-in.

Thank You.

Ppaint-in teaching by Gloria.

Maureen McNaughton Seminar March 2005

Maureen McNaughton really gave us a great seminar, with four beautiful projects to work on. We had forty-four members who took at least one class, and many took all four. She was available for dinner in the evenings for those who wanted to join us. Those who took the seminar have received a certificate and if you attend her classes at Hoot or other places, five of these will earn you a personal gift from Maureen. Maureen used the TV monitor set-up similar to how Sherry Nelson teaches. This not only allows us to have more students per class, but you can really see up close the special techniques the teachers use. Mary Gibilisco will be using TV monitors as well.

Marilyn Hartnett, Program Chairman

click photo for larger view

Maureen McNaughton's room decorated for her visit

Maureen McNaughton and decorations welcoming her

Marilyn Hartnett working on her piece.

Vada looking on her piece.

Maureen McNaughton teaching

The group is watching Maureen McNaughton on the tv monitor.

Marilyn taking those blasted plastic seals off the bottles.

Everyone listening Maureen McNaughton.

Annette Dozier painting on her piece.

Everyone seems very busy.

Decisions........ Decisions .........

Girls looking at the packets available from Maureen McNaughton.

Vada and Jeanette relaxing after painting.

Out to supper with Maureen McNaughton.

Everyone enjoying Maureen McNaughton's company.

The Tv monitor is a great teaching aid.

Every class was full for the seminar.

Maureen McNaughton looking over Lorie Reece's piece.
For more information about the artist CLICK HERE


The rush is on to sign up for seminars.

The Ladies are gathering to find their space.

Busy...busy signing up for seminars.

Some Pictures that Vada Galvan brought to the meeting

You can see this on February "Painting magazine"

The "Lynch-ette" girls are busy getting their patterns on for the paint-ins

Mascot "Gateway Louie"

What is Jean Hoffman thinking??

Girls are busy painting

Kathy Colter and Mary Messmer look like they are enjoying themselves.

Cheryll is busy teaching- looks like everyone is catching on.

Love the design Cheryll.
THANK YOU for sharing.

We had quite a crowd stay and paint this time.

Paint-in teaching by Cheryll Wilburn
Some members brought lovely memories boxes at the february meeting.

Bobbie Gray CDA
Sharing Workshop
January 2005

Ginger Lee German and her painting

Bobbie Gray teaching

Perfect! Ginger