Gateway Decorative Artists Meeting: November 12, 2006
23nd Annual Retreat: October 13-15, 2006
Gateway Decorative Artists Meeting: July 9, 2006
Janelle Johnson Seminar: June 24,25, 2006
SDP National Convention 2006: Nashville
Vada Galvan Sharing Workshop: April 16, 2006
Gateway Decorative Artists Meeting: April 9, 2006
Peggy Harris Seminar:March 18,19 and 20, 2006
Gateway Decorative Artists Meeting: February 12, 2006
Gloria Falk Sharing Workshop: January 21, 2006
Memory boxes 2006

This is the program and the gift every member received. that included a Brush, Bracelet and Pencil Box.

The decorations were beautiful. Jeanette Bishop, Judy Dodson, Gloria Falk, Vada Galvan, Tracy Kocher, Mary Jo Kumer, Marilyn McDonald, Ann Mohrman and Karen Steiner were the Christmas Commitee. Nice Work Ladies.

This is the centerpiece

Ready for the lunch and the open bar.

Thank you to Marilyn Harnett's son and his group for the entertainment.

Robbi Metter, Lovella Mauer and Ellen Rohne.

In spite of being without electricity for few days, because of the recent Ice storm, the Farmington girls arrived just in time for lunch.

Lorie Reece's mom, Lorie and Gloria Falk's guest, Nancy Falk.

Ann Mohrman and Karen Steiner relaxing after helping setting the room and being at the Reception desk.

Ann Mohrman, Karen Steiner and Josée Laferrière finishing their lunch.

Marilyn Hartnett's guests: Mother Gwen and Husband, Larry.

Jean and Jenny Ellison.

Judy Dodson and her husband.

Nancy Falk, Gloria Falk, Cheryll Wilburn and Kay Vuichard.

Time for Dessert!

Ann Mohrman had fun to find who did bunjee jump, skate figure, milked cow with a funny game.

2006 President, Donna Wessel

The new board of 2007 ready to commit themself for a new year.

Cheryll Wilburn announcing the installation of Officers.

Marilyn Hartnett lighting her candle.

New officers for 2007, Marilyn Hartnett (newsletter Editor), Donna Wessel (Treasurer), Kay Vuichard (Secretary), Lorie Reece (Membership Chairman), Gloria Falk (President)

Thank you made to Josee Laferriere (Newsletter editor) and Jean Lindsey (Treasurer) for their work the last two years.

The ornament exchange was held after lunch.

Lorie Reece showing her exchange ornament.

Lovella Mauer

Ellen Rhone

Vada Galvan

Cindy Rupp and Jeanette Bishop opening their ornaments.

Jenny Ellison with her ornament and Judy West behind.

Jo Lair


members signed-in for seminar

Members talking and eating the good food prepared by the

Members waiting for the result of the election.

Our two guests and Jim Lair talking with Justine Mottert

Nice centerpiece

Judy Dodson teaching her snowman ornament while members work on their projects.

Ellen Rohne and Barb Ogden showing the chairs they volunteered to paint for the chapter's raffle.

Lovella Mauer won Barb's chair

Lida Gillham won Ellen's chair.

Judy Dodson teaching the paint-in

Mary Jo Kumer helping our three guests whith the paint-in.

Everyone busy painting their little snowman.

Paint-in Ornement.
some pictures of memory boxes collected at the last meeting


Gateway Decorative Artist's

23rd Annual Retreat  
The Resort at Port Arrowhead in Lake Ozark, MO.
October 13, 14 & 15, 2006
click photo for larger view



Gloria and Janie
Welcome our Guest

Kay Vuichard Helping Our Vice President at the Reception.

Every Guest received her name tag and a Schedule of Events for the weekend

Arrival of Karen Steiner, Ann Mohrman, and Marilyn McDonald Friday afternoon.

MITI with Judy Dodson Friday Afternoon

Judy Dodson Teaching the MITI

Marilyn Hartnett, Donna Wessel, Marilyn McDonald and Karen Steiner
painting their piece.

Jean Rogenhofer concentred in her piece

Janie Parisi and Vada Galvan practicing their dance for Saturday night.

MITI with Barb Ogden Friday

Barb's make it take it

She has quite a crowd

The gals are waiting so patiently for the food line

The hungry crowd gathers

Our centerpieces

Hmmm - looks like a good selection of food here!!

Jingle bells - Carolyn's project

Carolyn teaching her snowman

it was a nice class - the gals really enjoyed themselves.

Barb Ogden and Jean Rogenhofer working on projects.

Cherries - One of Vada Galvan's projects

Vada Galvan, TDA

Vada's class

The ladies are concentrating hard.

Strawberries- Mary Jane Jett's Strawberry tablecloth.

Mary Jane helping Cathy Somraty. Lida Gillham and Judy West to the left.

Cindy Rupp's Bunny project

Cindy Rupp teaching her class.

It was a fun class - Cindy.

Sawlandscape - Karen Steiner's saw project

Karen teaching her saw - looks like Lorie is having fun!

Nice size class Karen.

Looks like they are all doing what you told them to, Karen.

Snowflake - Barb Ogden's project

Barb teaching her Snowflake gatherer
Saturday Afternoon

Lighthouse project of Carolyn Bacon

Jean Rogenhofer working on her piece

We had a lot of fun in this class.

Vada Galvan's other project

She's got them working hard.

Vada giving some close up advice

Snowmen - Ellen Rohne's class project

Ellen giving some close up advice.

Ellen teaching her class.

Saturday night

Looks like the girls are enjoying the music

In the foreground is Jean Lindsey and Dorothy Banocy enjoying the music.

Oh my!! Julio Inglesies (a.k.a. Ann Mohrman); Miss Kitty (a.k.a. Marilyn Hartnett; The Sheriff (a.k.a. Donna Wessel) - posing for a picture.

Rich Helton singing Happy Birthday to the Chief (a.k.a. Carolyn Bacon)

OK - the costume contest is on..

Boy, they really got into the spirit of things didn't they?

Circle of Friends Band: Mike Parisi, Janie Parisi, Rhonda and D. Walton

Willie Nelson (a.k.a. Marilyn McDonald) singing with the band.

Donna Wessel stops for a photo with Jean Rogenhofer and Jackie Kohler.

Everyone is visiting.

Rich Helton steals a chance to dance with our own Allison Bacon.

Seems like Rich was really taking all of the ladies dancing that night..here he is with Miss Kitty (a.k.a. Marilyn Hartnett).

Billy Bob and Judy West. Billy Bob was trying out some new spray to keep the girls away - Judy said it was working.

Miss Kitty and girls looking over her prize for her costume.

Second Place Winner
Trigger and Rider
(a.k.a. Mary Jane Jett)

Julio Inglesies (a.k.a Ann Mohrman)
First PlaceWinner Miss Kitty
(a.k.a. Marilyn Hartnett)
Marshall Dillon (a.k.a. Donna Wessel)

There is Trigger and rider whooping it up with the band.

Julio singing with Rich...."For all the girls I loved before"

Rich steals yet another dance with a fine lady - Karen Steiner.

Another fine lass he has chosen to dance with - Allison Bacon
Sunday Morning

Strawberry napkins priject of Mary Jane Jett

Mary Jane teaching her class.

The ladies are busy now.

Foggy Ozark Mt - Jo Lair's Retreat project

Jo Lair teaching her class.

Everyone is working hard - Jo brings EVERYTHING for you to class..easls, paper towels, thinner.....everything. Nice Jo!!

Happy Frosty - Ellen Rohne's retreat project

Ellen's class listening intently to her instructions

Ellen answers questions

Our Raffle chairs, painted by Barb Ogden and Ellen Rohne.

Gloria Falk, our retreat coordinator.


23nd Annual Retreat
October 13-15, 2006
click photo for larger view

Judy Dodson teaching her make it and take it.

Ellen's Chair she painted for the raffle

Lorie Reece being her sweet self.

Rich Helton and his Circle of Friends Band

Barb - looks relaxed. Lovella and Ellen join her.

Shelly Bastean and Rhonda's (drummer/singer) husband.

Looks like the gals are enjoying themselves

Tracy is ready to "Party~~"

Donna Wessel and Vada Galvan enjoying themselves.

Karen Steiner looking very pretty - she is ready to dance.

Our centerpieces

Allison Bacon and Rich Helton dancing.

Carolyn (Rich's wife) Helton

Hmm. They must have asked a question and Gloria knows the answer?!?!?!

Carolyn is thinking....I can't believe she rode that horse in here.

Julio Inglesies (a.k.a. Ann Mohrman) singing with the band....(that is Mike Parisi, Janie Parisi and Jim Helton)

There goes Lorie the masked woman.

Donna Wessel.

Ellen Rohne teaching one of her classes.
More Pictures In the Retreat Page Click here.


Lorie Reece and Jeanette Bishop at the front desk welcoming the members.

Cathy Somraty, Lida Gillham and Judy West did a excellent job with the Refreshments Yum! Yum!

Marilyn McDonald and behind Jo and James Lair, Jeanette Bishop and Lorie Reece.

Mary Jo Kumer at the Seminar table.

The events coming Up!

Christmas Party, Lynne Deptula, Linda Coulter, Susan Scheewe and Janelle Johnson.

Congratulation to Allison Bacon She won the first place at Hoot for the categorie ''Fruit and still Life''

Suzann Glidden Showing to Judy Dodson, Marilyn Hartnett,Jacqueline Kolher, Lorie Reece, Marilyn McDonald and Barb Ogden, how to do a collage for the memory box program.

Suzann close up working on her box.

Thank you to all members who took times to paint memory box.

Wow! We received a really good particiapation for our charity Turning Point shelter.

Here is a part of the Show and Tell table. Donna brought some of her paintings of Linda Coulter Grisaille


Events coming up for Gateway Decorative Artists

Congratulations to Ellen Rohne. She is now a Certified Decorative Artist (CDA) from Society of Decorative Painters

Jo Lynne Lair will be teaching this gorgeous scene on Labor day weekend

We have a lot of projects at the Show and Tell Table

Nice table for the retreat corner

A small ceremony for our star Ellen Rhone.

Congratulations to Jenny Ellison for her Girl Scout Gold Award

Jenny Ellision achieved her Girl Scout Gold Award with the memory box program.

Barb Ogden painting her piece.

Jean Ellison, Carol Rufkahr and Jean Rogenhofer concentrating on their pieces.

Josée Laferrière, Marilyn Hartnett, Judy Sloan and Lorie Reece working on their Doorknob dangler.

Mary Jo Kumer who was so kind to substitue for Kay Vuichard at the Paint-In.

We had a nice paint-in.

Thanks to Kay Vuichard. Her paint-in was well prepared for. We had everything except the most important thing Kay, herself.


Janelle Johnson Seminar: June 24,25, 2006

click photo for larger view

Janelle Johnson is getting ready for her class.

Everything you need is right there.

Josée! stop coloring you need to listen.

Everyone is listening to Janelle carefully as she explains our next step.

Let's start painting now.

Debbie Christenson working on her piece

Judy Sloan is tracing her pattern

Dottie Baumgartner and Carol Rufkahr working on their pieces.


Patrice Vale traveled from Columbia, Mo to have the oppurtunity to take the class with Janelle Johnson. She enjoyed her weekend and will visit us again soon.

Janelle Johnson showing how she put her design together.

Janelle working on a dew drop.

Closeup of a dew drop

Closeup of the Hummingbird

Look at the details in that flower.

Thank you to Janelle Johnson. We had a really nice seminar.

To learn more about this Artist go on her website.



SDP National convention 2006: Nashville

click photo for larger view

Presidents Suite

Entrance inside Opryland to the Convention Center

One of the Sand Castles in Opryland

The beautiful courtyard

Gloria Falk, Janie Parisi & Cheryll Wilburn

Darla Foreman, President SDP Barb Watson & Connie Parkinson (The Fairies)

Some of the Treasure Boxes painted at convention

Janie Parisi & Vada Galvan having some fun!!
Allison Bacon asked for volunteers to pint 45 records for national and received a temendous response from the members.


Marilyn did a good job on Friday night to install all the equipment to be ready for Vada's workshop

Everything is ready for Vada's workshop.

Vada is ready to start her class.

Everybody is ready to learn
''Trompe L'oeil''

Josée working hard on her bricks

Lee Zimmer working on her bricks

Vada demonstrating brick.

Jean Rogenhofer working away on her pieces

Vada had a good turnout for her workshop

Vada taking off the stencil.

Donna Wessel working on her piece

Julia Lamborn taking a break

The gals are all working

and working...

and working..

Vada demonstrating

Judy Dodson Listening carefully Vada.

Julia Lamborn showing her piece.


Ladies are arriving for the meeting and activities for the day.

OH! What to sign up for??

Easter Baskets for Turning Point Residents

Marilyn's wonderful schedule of events

upcoming classes by teacher's

Show n' Tell Table

Janelle Johnson video
Christmas Party Volunteers - WE have it on photo record ladies!!

The ladies are lined up to view and vote on the Retreat projects.

Ginger and her daughter teaching a memory book
Ladies are working hard on their books


Peggy Harris Seminar: March 2006
click photo for larger view

PHLLAAATTT! What to do with all of these wires!!

Were all busy getting things set up. Bob, Peggy's husband getting the table with all of Peggy's goodies set up.

Bob is explaining to all of us the "honor system" for purchasing.

Looks like everyone's ready to do the bunny.

They are listening intently to Peggy.

Bob making his way through the maze. Peggy - What is that on top of the easel?

I think we have worn Peggy out.

Peggy explaining to us about fur and growth direction.

Lorie Reece getting tickeled about something!! She is enjoying herself.

Peggy Araki cutting Mary Jo Kumer's hair for "Locks of Love".

There is that cute little bunny in the beginning stages.

Isn't he the sweetest little thing?

Mary McDevitt and Lorie Reece considering their purchases.

Lunchtime is almost over.......the girls are getting ready for the afternoon.

OH OH...who is she pointing at??

Our group shot after taking the bunny.

Today is the day for the baby racoons.......called "The Hideout".

The girls are working hard now.......

Jo Lair a brave soul.... she had quite a large piece she worked her design onto.

Ginger German concetrating on those babies.

Peggy has begun the instructions........

Lee Zimmer really looking over that closeup of the racoons

Mary Jo Kumer working hard on her baby racoons

Marilyn McDonald and Ann Mohrman - working hard on their pieces.

Peggy Araki, Carol Rufkahr and Jean Ellison (The Lynchette's) working on their racoons.

Jean Ellison working hard. Those racoons are sooooooo cute.

What is Peggy trying to tell us?? She has a sinus headache?? NO...growth direction of hair on the face of racoons.

Group picture of the Racoons.

OKAY.....third day of the seminar.........now we get to work on the Kitty. Notice the "prop" on the easel?

Janie Parisi joined us to do the Kitty.

He is soooooooo cute, isn't he?

Ann Mohrman put her Kitty design on a box. Looks like Ginger German did also (across the table). Karen Steiner...has hers on a tray.

Peggy making her rounds trying to answer questions about each person's design.

Maureen Wasserman working on her Kitty.

Josee won a "special prize"!! Lucky you, Josee.

Donna Wessel, Gloria Falk, Janie Parisi and backs to camera are Cheryll Wilburn and Josée Laferriere - all working on their Kitty's.

Peggy Harris giving us a big smile.

She gave her Kitty some touches of orange. He is so cute!!


Our Librarian Barb Ogden, putting some things out on "sale" for the members.

Nancy Wymer, Virginia Hauser, Deb Christenson, Eleanor Denton, talking with Ellen Rohne and Kay Waldron.

At the table seated are: Louise Kern, Jean Rogenhofer and Carolyn Dawson. In the background visiting are: Jean Lindsey, Dorothy Banocy, Jenny Ellison and her friend,and Tracy Kocher.

Kim from Turning Point (seated), Tammy Leuders visiting with Cheryll Wilburn and looking at the /children's book that Tammy did illustrations for.

The "SPECIAL" boards that Marilyn has made up to show the up and coming seminars. Beautiful work Marilyn.

The gals signing up for future seminars

Memory Boxes turned in at the Feb. meeting.

The gals are socializing before the meeting.

Vada showing her Lamp that she did for the March of Dimes fund raiser.

The baby lamp that Vada Galvan painted for the March of Dimes fundraiser.
A sampling of the books that Ginger German is going to teach us how to do at the meeting in April. Beautiful work!!

The girls are painting along with Ellen Rohne after the Feb. meeting.

Our "Prez" - looking at the pictures of Memory Boxes that Jenny Ellison and her friend did.


Gloria Falk TDA
Sharing Workshop
January 21, 2006

Memory boxes 2006
These boxes were delivred in January and made by Gloria Falk, Janie Parisi, Cheryl Wilburn and Mary Jo Kumer.

Here They are stacked and getting ready to sort

Now they are on the table and sorted... getting ready pack up.

Picture of one

and another

and yet another

Another-this one was easy!!
Beautiful boxes.

and last but not least in the assortment
July meeting: Ann Mohrman did the elephant boxes. Suzanne Koestner and Patty Bilyeu did 19 boxes during a week end for the program.