Gateway Decorative Artists Memory box paint-in, December 4, 2007
Gateway Decorative Artists Meeting: Chrismas Party December 2
Gateway Decorative Artists Meeting: November, 2007
Gateway Decorative Artists 24th Annual Retreat 2007, October 12,13 & 14, 2007
Gateway Decorative Artists Meeting: September 9, 2007
Linda Coulter Grisaille Seminar: August 25,26, 2007
Janelle Johnson Colored Pencil Seminar: June 23,24, 2007
Gateway Decorative Artists Meeting: June 10, 2007
Society of Decorative Painters Convention: May 29 - June 2, 2007
Scheewe Demonstration Weekend: April 27-29, 2007
Gateway Decorative Artists Meeting: April 15, 2007
Lynn Deptula Seminar: March 23,24,25, 2007
Gateway Decorative Artists Meeting: February 4, 2007

Gateway Decorative Artists
Memory Box paint-in: December 4, 2007
"Fawn with Ginger Lee German"
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Gateway Decorative Artists
Chapter meeting: December 2, 2007
"Christmas Party"
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The tables were decorated nicely by Lorie Reece and her mom Lee Zimmer with the books donated by Pat wolf.

The ladies getting their drinks at the "open" bar.

Nancy Falk, Cheryll Wilburn and Gloria Falk

Jean Ellison, Sue Struckhoff and Josée Laferriere

Lee Zimmer

Lorie Reece and Jenny Ellison

Barb Ogden starting the Gold Brush Awards Ceremony

Barb Ogden congratulates Mary Jo Kumer, Gold Brush Award winner for 2007

Barb putting the necklace on Mary Jo

Barb giving Mary Jo her certificate

What did she say?? - to the left or to the right??

OK do I get to keep it this time??

Lorie Reece and Lee Zimmer showing ornaments they received.

Lorie Reece and Jim Lair

Jim and Jo Lair visiting with Lorie Reece

Liz Geers talking to Vada, Donna's Mom and Lee.

Karen Steiner and Ann Mohrmann

Joan Love, Peggy Araki, Jean and Jenny Ellison and Sue Struckhoff looking their new books donated by Pat Wolf.


Gateway Decorative Artists
Chapter meeting: November 11, 2007
"annual election and Ornament"
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Gateway Decorative Artists
24th Annual Fall Retreat 2007
Palette of Seasons
October 12,13 & 14, 2007
at Holiday Inn South-Butler Hill in St. Louis
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Table decor

Cindy Rupp and Jeanette Bishop Listening to teacher Gloria Falk.

Marylin McDonald working on her piece.

Time to eat.

Friday night class taught by Cindy Rupp

Cindy explains to Barb the next step.

Barb Ogden looking for something

Cindy Rupp class.

Judy Dodson Teaching.

I need to Buy, buy, buy!

Trade Show Tracy Kocher.

Trade Show Ellen Rohne

Trade Show Bill Chiles

Jean Ellison looking a magazine.

Vada ready to teach her class

Barb Odgen teaching

Ann Mohrman, Karen Steiner and Marilyn McDonald

Anybody want fruit!

Barb ogden and Lovella Listen attentively.

Beautiful Centerpieces

Let start the games.

Cindy McGrath.

Cindy Rupp Goes swimming

Ellen's Dancing Feet

Scarecrow (Donna Wessel), Harry, the stick scarecrow and his date ( Lorie Reece), Kay Peele and Tree of Beauty (Debby Finklang)

Our Winner Easter Bunny (Karen Steiner) and Spring Flower (Marilyn McDonald

Marilyn Monroe (Judy West) and Kay Peele

Lorie and Lee.

The ladies are checking out what they won. (Certificates for Merchandise from Tracy Kocher)

We won last place!

Everyone listening to the game results.

The Results are In.

Vada congratulating Barb, Lovella and Ellen.

Butterfly (Judy Dodson)

Ann Mohrman, Karen Steiner and Marilyn McDonald without their costume

The ladies are visiting while waiting for lunch to be served.

Cindy, Vada, Jeanette, Cindy, Debbie and Gloria

Ready to eat again.

Do you have Fun Ladies!

It's so Funny.

Ladies relaxing

Judy Mayo Class

Marilyn McDonald taking Judy Mayo Class.

Jean Ellison and Donna Wessel ready for the class.

Gloria's class waiting for latecomers.

Lorie Reece, Lee Zimmer and Kay Vuichard.



Gateway Decorative Artists
Chapter meeting: June 10, 2007
"Summer De-Lite"
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Auction pieces that were donated

Auction pieces

Auction pieces

Mary Jo answering questions about Cheri Rol Seminar

The gals are getting their refreshments and settling in
Memory Boxes turned in at the meeting

Marilyn McDonald's make-it/take-it for retreat

Karen Steiner's make-it/take-it
for retreat.

Jeanette Bishop's make-it/take-it for retreat

Cindy Roop's make-it/take-it
for retreat

Mary Jo and Vada (a.k.a. Vanna) auctioning off a picture painted by Judi Krause.

Mary Jo and Lorie (the NEW a.k.a. Vanna) auctioning off a Message board painted by Mary Jo Kumer.

Mary Jo and Lorie again auctioning off a bird house painted by Kay Vuichard.


Gateway Decorative Artists
Linda Coulter
Grisaille Seminar

August 25,26, 2007
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Gateway Decorative Artists
Janelle Johnson
Colored Pencil Seminar

June 23,24, 2007
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The ladies are ready to begin!!

Jeff and Janelle Johnson getting things set up for us.

Jeff Johnson gathering product for us.

Janelle helping out with suggestions

Jean Hoffman working on her piece.

Janelle explaining a technique.

Marilyn Hartnett busy at work

Darlene (Deb Finklang's cousin) joined us. She did very well.

The ladies are listening intently to Janelle explain the next step.

Ginger German is doing well on her piece.

Our GROUP picture

Gateway Decorative Artists
Chapter meeting: June 10, 2007
"Summer De-Lite"
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Our Membership Chairman - Lorie and her helper Mother, Lee talking with Vada.

Retreat Projects on display

Ladies enjoying their food.

Ladies waiting to start the meeting.

Ladies in line for the food

Ladies chatting before the meeting.

the ladies are enjoying the paint in

Everyone listening carefully.

Lee Zimmer loading her brush

"Need a drink"

Cindys Samples for the paint in today

Memory Boxes



May 29 - June 02
Anaheim, CA

Flying over the mountains to Anaheim, CA These were shot somewhere over Colorado.

Janie Parisi manning the TDA information booth at the Anaheim conference.

the SDP Boutique Booth

Pricilla Hauser

Marilyn with one of the piece she did at the Anaheim convention.

Lorie Reece with two of her pieces.

At the Chapter's conference. Lovely Hat Marilyn Hartnett.

Jillybean Fitzhenry

The Ladies are parading the hats.

Lorie Reece having fun

Our dessert at the Banquet

One of the table decorations

Another table decoration!
What a beautiful job they did.

Gloria Falk & Janie Parisi enjoying some sightseeing in Calabasas, CA after the conference in Anaheim.

Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

A special event for Ocean's Thirteen at Graumann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Daman get their foot and hand prints in cement in the theatre courtyard.

Pacific Ocean at Mailbu Beach

On Mulholland Drive looking down on Hollywood. See LosAngeles in the background.

Gateway Decorative Artists
Scheewe Demonstration Weekend
April 27,28,29, 2007
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Our instructor - Trisha Tyler

Donna Wessel evaluating her Watercolor.

Lorie Reece really concentrating on her piece.

Judy Dodson working hard on hers.

Marilyn Hartnett looks relaxed and is enjoying this seminar.

Mary Jo Kumer working on her piece.

The geraniums on the slate board project.

Watercolor greting cards with texture medium - FUN!!

Liz Geers, Trisha Tyler and Donna Wessel

The Watercolor Spring Scene.

The Gals are really into it now..from left to right.. Judy Dodson, Kay Vuichard, Judy West, Deb Finklang, Josee Laferriere, Cindy Rupp

Trisha is helping Judy West with her Piece.

Another winter scene gretting card we did.

Back row: Judy Dodson, Kay Vuichard, Deb Finklang Donna Wessel, Gloria Falk, Josee Laferriere, Judy West. Liz Geers, Trisha Tyler, Mary Jo Kumer & Lorie Reece. On the floor: Marilyn Hartnett & Cindy Rupp.

Gateway Decorative Artists
Chapter meeting: April 15, 2007
"Grapes on a wine bottle"
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Lee Zimmer and Lorie Reece (mother/daughter) are greeting our members and guests with such smiles and laughter.

The ladies are visiting. We had a nice turnout for this meeting.

Tracy Kocher brought paints and brushes to sell. A nice opportunity for the gals.

Mary Jo explaining the upcoming seminars to Delia Larkins, Liz Geers in the background with New member margaret Van Kaenel.

The ladies are working on their pieces.

Ellen teaching her grapes on a wine bottle.

We had a nice group stay and paint.
Memory Boxes


Gateway Decorative Artists
Lyne Deptula Seminar
March 23,24,25, 2007
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Saturday and Sunday

Gateway Decorative Artists
Chapter meeting: February 4, 2007
"Painting on leaves"
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Shirley Noltkemper (guest) and Jean Ellison......checking out the refreshment table.

Judy Mayo with her tilt top table.

Patty Bilyeau, Bre and Suzanne Koestner

The gals are busy painting leaves

Samples of Karen Steiner's leaves

memory boxes