Gloria Falk




Milly Johnson

Program Chairman:

Barbara Ogden



Membership Secretary and Publicity:

Jean Lindsey
Recording Secretary:

Delia Larkins


Donna Wessel

Marilyn Hartnett Picture Newsletter Editor:

Marilyn Hartnett



Liz McClintock


Area Representatives: 
Jean Lindsey(North County) 
Maureen Wasserman (West County) 
Joan Love (South County)

If you have anything you would like to pass on to Chapter, such as illnesses, birth, etc. You may call one of these Area Reps, any board member, or, get in touch with Jean Lindsey, the Membership Secretary, or Marilyn Hartnett, the Newsletter Editor.

For more information about the National Society of Tole and Decorative Painters or the local St. Louis chapter, Gateway Decorative Artists, please feel free to contact one of the officers listed above.


Board Members And Committee Chairperson's Duties


Gloria Falk- President - The President presides at meetings of the Chapter and meetings of the Board of Directors; is a member ex-officio of all committees, with the exception of the nominating committee; and performs such other duties as usually pertain to the office. The President is also responsible for seeing that all required reports and correspondence are sent to the National Office. She appoints all Standing and Special Committe Chairs with Board approval. President also appoints someone to count election ballots.

Milly Johnson- Vice President - The First Vice President presides in the absence of the President; assists the President in the meetings; and serves as coordinator of the Retreat and our Charity. Vice President shall first prepare a selection of charities and charity work to be presented to the membership for their consideration. After the membership decides which charity work they want to participate in for the year, the committee will organize and oversee the completion of the project.

Jean Lindsey- Membership Chairman Secretary - The Membership Chair serves as coordinator of membership and provides all new members with up-to-date membership packets containing the Chapterís Bylaws, Seminar Policies, kit to make a nametag, and other relevant Chapter information. Sends cards to members who are ill, have had a loss in the family, or need cheering up. Members are responsible for notifying the membership Chairman when they hear of someone who needs a card.

Jean Lindsey - Publicity- Membership chairman will be responsible for mailing items of interest and photos to the Editor of the "Decorative Painter" and the Chapters Department of the SDP. Also, prepare and distribute advertisement of meetings and programs to be published in the local newspaperís "Calendar of Events".

Barbara Odgen - Program Chairman - The Program Chairman serves as coordinator of the seminars and monthly Chapter programs.

delia Larkins- Recording Secretary - The Secretary records minutes of all meetings of the Chapter and the Board of Directors. These minutes are kept in books which are the property of the Chapter and are a complete and clear record of decisions and activities.

Donna Wessel- Treasurer - The Treasurer receives all monies of the Chapter, keeps an accurate record of receipts and expenditures and pays all bills, presents a statement of account at every meeting of the Chapter and when requested by the Board of Directors, and prepares a complete report at the end of the calendar year. The Treasurer provides a copy of the report to the President to be sent to the National Office with the Annual Report.
Marilyn Harnett - Newsletter Editor - The Newsletter Editor is a voting member of the Board. The Newsletter Editor prepares the Chapter's newsletter every other month, which includes the information members need for the following two meetings. She updates all Chapter activities, the president's Message, advertising, and other items of interest.


Ellen Rohne- Nomination Committee Chairmans - This committee shall prepare a slate for the election of officers in November.

- Refreshments - Solicits volunteers to host refreshments each meeting and gathers other volunteers to help them. Arrives an hour before each meeting, bringing all supplies for table set up, coffee, tea, ice and paper goods. Sets up and makes coffee and tea. Helps volunteers prepare the refreshment table with refreshments and, with help from others, places tablecloths on the tables before the meetings and assures the room is cleaned up after meetings and seminars. Makes sure enough supplies are on hand for each meeting, replenishes low stock.

Linda Nelson - Gold Brush Award Chair - Will review, with Gold Brush Award committee, any nominations for the Chapters Gold Brush Award, which is usually awarded at the Christmas Party in December.

Barb Ogden - Librarian - Organizes, distributes and maintains the Chapter Library and keeps accurate records of rentals.

Marilyn Hartnett- Historian.Historian takes photos of the chapter activities and maintains the set of albums that contain photos as well as other Chapter historic documents such as special award certificates.

Gloria Falk - Ways and Means Committee - Develop the ways to attract new members to the chapter and the means to accomplish it.

Elizabeth McClintock- Parliamentarian - Advise the President on questions of procedure in transacting the business of the Chapter efficiently, and impartially. Not to be involved in the decision makes process. Maintain currency of the Standing rules and Bylaws by assuring that all amendments are published in the Chapterís Newsletter. Normally she functions as the Chapter's historian.


Barb Ogden - Christmas Party

Gloria Falk and Mary Jo Kumer - Memory Box Program

Josée Laferrière - Webmaster/Web Developer - Under the direction of the Board, the Webmaster develops and designs pages appropriate for the web site. The Webmaster manages the site on a day-to-day basis to reflect the goals and objectives of the Chapter. The Webmaster updates information in a timely manner through input from members of the Board of Directors and Chairpersons.

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